Suspended without warning?

Except that you very well know that there is not numerical limit and it has been explained on quite a large number of threads at this point in time. Please stop your disingenuous “arguments” intended to garner “sympathy” when you know the entire premises is fallacious at best. You already know, and it has been explained an obscure number of times already, that the “number” of pieces is not relevant. Stop using logical fallacies to illicit emotional responses when you know the facts do not support your claims.

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  • Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

Of course building piece number matters. The only way to track the “size” of your base is by the building pieces. The more pieces you add the more “massive” it becomes. These brainlet devs need to stop hiding behind their community managers and add a building piece limit to their rules otherwise this will continue to happen.

and if you think funcom isn’t wiping bases based on building pieces you’re as clueless as the devs to this game.

Sorry Foggy, the only one clueless about this topic here is you. You can have 10,000 building pieces and not be a problem. You have have 7,000 building pieces but due to the way that you built you CAUSE a problem (300 torches, stacked fence foundations and the likes). So no, numbers do NOT matter and you KNOW that they do not. It has to do with the:

more than the numbers, which you already know and are just using your false argument to hide behind to push your bogus narrative.

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10k pieces isn’t even much. stop showing me how little you know about the game pls.

Please learn what an example is before you show your ignorance even more.

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Foggy, you have taken the prize for the most ignorant poster on this forum. Good job mate.

Utterly incapable of arguing any of your “claims”.
All you know how to do is deflect and insult due to a lack of actual information.
You already know you are wrong, completely and utterly. And you know how it has been explained dozens of times across multiple threads how you are wrong. So either start providing facts to support your claims or stop screaming from the mountain tops like a little child and get over yourself.

Bloody hell man, you can’t even grasp the concepts of what an example are yet you have the audacity to claim that you know anything?

Ok, lets analyze this “statement”.

100k pieces. What kind of pieces? Who knows, you didn’t bother to mention that did you. Are they fence foundation spamming? Do they have an exorbitant amount of torches? You failed to mention that. Are they foundation spamming? Well you didn’t mention that part either. Are they blocking a world boss spawn or access to a recipe or a dungeon? Who knows, you don’t mention that. HELL, are these 100k pieces even all in one build or spread out across multiple builds? After all you said “spread across the map” that could very easily be taken as multiple builds (IE one up in the north, one over in the jungle). Suddenly 100k doesn’t seem like that many pieces now does it? So what exactly is your criterion for claiming they will get A). reported or B). banned? You have none, you are just using fear tactics to push your narrative.

But as always, you will not bother to respond to any of this and spew out some dribble and attacks. Please, if you cannot construct an actual rebuttable with well thought out points and counter points that have facts to back them up then just do not even bother. You have wasted everyone’s time more than enough.

What was the sentence used to accurately describe this sort of thing :point_up_2:t6: :point_up_2:t6: :point_up_2:t6:? Oh yeah:

“…a squeaky wheel of a minority of a minority of complainers, nerfers and wanna-be game designers that a) usually don’t know how the game really works and b) are just throwing tantrums. Game design by forum warriors…

Seems to fit…

Then even though it would be my first time to do so, I will report them myself! 100k… pfff… :laughing: :crazy_face: :joy:

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Therein is a flaw;

If I were an Admin and 20 or so complaints came to me about an individual I’d instantly want to know the details before condemming the individual. 20 people doesn’t mean squat to me; What’s more, is if those 20 “complaints” came from individuals who all have a connection of some kind, then it gets suspicious…

I can understand a factor of multiple complaints counting for something, but there are exceptions where this can TOTALLY be abused, in such a case, whereby I notice that all 20 of my hypothetical complaints ALL come from the same clan…

yeah. I don’t think this seems fair.


That piece count alone isn’t the be-all end-all when it comes to server impact doesn’t help Funcom’s case at all…The problem is that the rules are not made clear. No one knows when/if their base will hit whatever the magical criteria is for “impacting server performance” or if that resource node they are built on is considered vital…

If Funcom can’t clearly specify what is considered “server impacting” or if they can’t implement in game systems to prevent players from even crossing that line - then they need to be communicating with players that do cross this new and mysterious line AND give fair warning. Anything less is just scummy. What has happened to the OP is scummy.

Legit blows my mind that anyone can consider themselves a fan of this great game and defend these ambiguous rules and their arbitrary enforcement


I’m going to shed some light on this. And if you’ve been following this threads, you’ll see a common theme in how these people post. So this will make sense real quick.

So you’ve got the few angry posters. Usually use a little netspeak (u instead of you) alot of jargon you’ll hear over the open voice comms they use in some games. And conspiracy theory that a bunch of ‘sensitive people’ (insert slur here) reported them en mass because they couldn’t handle their ‘dominance’. These are the kinds of people to throw a fit at a traffic stop when they do 80+ in a 55. They’re probably blatantly breaking rules because they don’t care. Or said some language they’re not supposed to and think its fine. But now they’re angry because there is consequences for their actions.

Then you have these shifty types. They’re not as angry as the first group. But sometimes people from the first group are clever enough to be in this one too (or they think they are clever enough). These are the kind of players pretending to be stupid. “I don’t know what the rules mean. I shouldn’t be banned because they aren’t clear.” These kind of players love to rule lawyer. They would use the rules against others in a heartbeat. Some of these are requesting exact numbers so they can actually weaponize that against others. The moment a dev or CM says a rough number or what type of resource they’re looking at, they will copy and paste and screenshot that ad nauseum. Using it to deflect some of their problematic builds while jabbing it at others they have disagreements or slights with. These players are smarter than they claim to be, but not as clever as they think they are.

Finally you have the ones who may not even had a base demo’d or been banned. They are your Funcom Bad crowd. These people are like the ones who walked off the job with a few buddies a few weeks ago but hang around trying to tell new workers how bad the organization is, rather than simply finding a new place for themselves. Sometimes they have mixtures of the first group. Usually with a thread or post along the lines of “Game broke, fix it! Dumb FC” Or even the second group, talking about how bad these game moderators are at their jobs and yet we’ve never had evidence of such. But in many cases, some of these haven’t had a base demo’d or even banned. They’re spilling vitriol against Funcom for its own sake. And by the way this isn’t just a problem here. Many other companies have this issue too. No matter how well a game is made, how fast mistakes are fixed, there’s always this subgroup of players that go ‘Game broke, fix it’ or ‘Company X is greedy or incompetent’. I mean if the latter is true… then go play one that isn’t broke made by a company that is competent. I mean that’s what I do, I did it with Everquest 2. Blood of Luclin was an unacceptable expansion for me. So I left a review and left. Haven’t played since. That was two years ago. And I have had far more hours played (characters with 14-15+ years played on them). For reasons that were less than most people claim here. Just to put things into perspective (there’s A LOT of exaggeration going on).

But then you have a few legit players. You don’t see them on the forums much. It would be crazy to say that the ticket system used on officials is flawless. I mean I’m not flawless. I can’t expect to judge every issue on private servers I admin 100% correctly. You do the best you can. So I’m willing to admit that there is a few instances here and there. But those players do a proper Zendesk ticket and they’re back to normal. Some have done that.

Now the people in the three groups above may also claim to do that, or may even put a ticket in. First group likely having a disparaging remarks, profanity, and probably a racial/homophobic slur in there. And whine when its ignored. And some have even made threats (which gave them a visit from LEO). But in most cases people who have actually done wrong will be denied an appeal no matter what group they are in. Well because they actually did wrong. They need to face the consequences. As for warnings. Everyone has a warning. I don’t play on those servers and I have a warning. All players were given warning about 2-3 months ago when they said they would begin enforcing. That was yours, mine, our warning.

So go to Zendesk:

If any of you actually have a legit appeal. Otherwise accept your consequences and have integrity. Because threads like this isn’t helping your situations. They don’t get very great results.

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I read this post multiple times, just to make sure I didn’t jump to any conclusions and that I gave you a fair chance at being heard.

There’s a couple of things:

  1. What has anything you just posted got specifically to do with the OP and his issue? My summation, nothing, it seems, (and you are more than welcome to correct me), that you are justifying some of your other posts and maybe your overall stance on certain issues. I would suggest that your other posts and your overall stance you have presented in this thread have very little to do, if nothing at all, with the OP and the way he was treated. Rules are rules is not the answer…

  2. Try not to take this personally, but if you do I apologise in advance, a lot of your posts seem to drip with arrogance, i.e. having all the answers, unwilling to participate in a two way discussion and presenting an opinion as fact. Personally I don’t deal with people who have all the answers to every problem, because invariably they don’t. So much of what you state, (and I could go through it point by point, but I have lurked on these forums long enough), is completely unverifiable, but you present it as a ground truth…a suggestion, gather evidence, facts, statistics, (i.e. be as scientific as you can in a forum on the internet), and maybe then I, (and maybe even others), will take your claims a little more seriously.


Maybe its because I haven’t seen anything to the contrary in the better part of 25 years of online gaming. At least in the responses given by fellow players.

I have in the past in other games or social media received warnings or suspensions, ones that I felt were wrong to receive. And still maintain that they were. The proper avenue isn’t to air the dirty laundry in front of everyone. You use the proper channels to rectify the situations. In nearly all the times that has worked. Funcom is NOT made up of an unreasonable group of people. We’ve seen them on these forums, on discord channels (such as the modding discord and admin’s united), and various other places. We know for a fact they are NOT unhinged. So I have no reason to believe they are. No one does.

So the points of these threads isn’t to help others. It isn’t. And besides every instance a player has with actions against them is a case by case thing and such advice wouldn’t even be advisable outside sending them to the website (which I have done in this thread).

If it seems like I ‘have all the answers’ its because I practice what I preach. If I got banned from officials and intended to keep playing there. I would use the website and present the case. It ruled against me still and I knew I was 100% in the right, I would go elsewhere. If I didn’t intend to play private, I’d go to a different game.

I’ve done this. With Everquest 2. A game I had literally over 15 years in. Tens of thousands of hours played. And thousands of dollars in subscription fees, expansions, and cosmetics/services. Though I wasn’t banned from that game, their latest expansion at the time was well under my standards.

But my belief is, people who are legit burned, the few there may be, will be taking this advice to heart and take measures to improve their situation. The rest. Well probably BSing us at this point. Its hard to give the benefit of the doubt on this issue.

Its been several months since Funcom started enforcing, and we’ve had many of these threads since then. Funcom hasn’t made a mention, or a comment, on looking into allegations. That should be a message that is loud and clear.

Either I’m right and people are exaggerating and basically not telling the whole truth on their adverse action. Or I’m wrong, and Funcom is a Draconian server host that doesn’t deserve its players. If I am wrong, and let’s assume I am. What the hell are you all still doing on officials?

If I am wrong. Then why bother to play in this limbo of getting banned sometime in the future? Not a situation of if, but when? Logging in every day, with the stress of wondering if a message saying you were suspended will pop up. Hoping you have a base everyday you wake up. How the hell do you all play like that every day?

Well I don’t think you all do. And I don’t believe players like you all would put yourselves through all that. And if by chance you all are doing that. That’s a situation well beyond the scope of these forums.

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So if a player who receives an automated response with very little or nonsensical information as to why they were banned, should do what exactly? If they can’t come to the forums and ask questions, what should they do? Should they just accept the answer they were given and move on because rules are rules and the system is infallible?

What did the OP do wrong in coming to this forum and asking legitimate questions about a wipe/ban situation he didn’t understand. I get for some long-time “forum pros” that these questions, situations and threads have been done to death and “in their minds” everyone is a liar, or embellish-er or trying to game the system, but how does that help the OP? I am curiously interested into what he should have done, other than reach out on these forums, (which mind you seem to have been specifically designed for situations such as his).

So your answer is to quit the game if you were treated unfairly, a legitimate reaction, why is it more legitimate than the OP coming to the forums and seeking answers to his questions?

A belief without facts is meaningless, it’s just pure conjecture, but there is nothing wrong with pure conjecture when trying to solve a problem by using it as a starting point, but when you use conjecture as the end-point, well, then, it gets us here.

Are you saying the lack of transparency, the lack of information is a loud and clear message? If so do you realise how absurd that is? Here’s another take on what a lack of information means:

  1. “We’ve cocked another one up boys, lie low, don’t respond to or acknowledge anything involved with it and it will surely blow over while the faithful defend us to the last stand” or how about…

  2. “Our overlords are making us work 100 hour weeks again and even though we told them this would happen they ignored us and told us to push it out anyway, I used to love my job, but god do I hate it now”, or even one more…

  3. “Holy crap, what do these 5million lines of code do? There’s no documentation and the guy/gal who wrote this was a unicorn from space who’s moved onto Dune, when they told me I’d be working on a large cutting edge project with advanced technology and modern workflows, I didn’t know I’d be randomly copy’n’pasting hieroglyphics from emacs windows into ShaderModel5 HLSL Shaders, WTF!”.

Or Funcom with respect to Conan could be just dropping the ball, due to incompetency, over-work, not meeting deadlines, financial pressure and missing stakeholder targets, etc, etc. To think this is a black and white issue is to over simplify to an extreme.

This is EXACTLY what is happening on 1972 right now, the majority of the players have been discussing this situation, how it affects us now and in the future and half of us login each day wondering if our stuff is gone, others are proposing starting a private server, etc. Sure, these are options we could take, but why should we have to, why should a whole server community be affected in this way, why should it come to this? The reason it is happened has been spelled out in this thread multiple times, it’s because of Funcom.

Well you are wrong, what you think is the opposite of what is happening and where else than these forums would we affect change? Assuming we all love the game, which most of us do, why would we not come here and seek answers to questions and offer constructive criticism? Where should we go?


Boa noite a todos

Eu sou novo na comunidade e no jogo, estava gostando muito do jogo , tinha uma clã e jogava em servidor oficial PVP, mas assim como nosso amigo T de uma hora pra outra nossas construções foram totalmente desintegradas, e sem nenhum tipo de aviso, ou explicação dos motivos para os quais levaram esta decisão , como ja comentado aqui quando levamos uma multa o policial nos explica o motivo, podemos nao concordar mas entendemos o motivo, o que eu estou vendo isso nao acontece com a ■■■■■■ . Sera que els nao se importam com os jogadores? Serã que é tao dificil para uma empresa de tecnologia criar um sistema claro e objetivo de regras e cumpri-las? Sera que nenhum jogador merece saber o motivo de seu banimento ou de ter suas contruçoes desintegradas?
Qual é o futuro do jogo deste jeito?

There is nothing “scummy” about what Funcom is doing. They investigate a report and if they find that it violates the ToS they issue a ban. That is not “scummy”, that is logical. You could easily turn that judgmental pendulum around and claim that what the person(s) which were banned did was “scummy” but I will not do so.

As far as giving fair warning, I have no qualms with this. Unless they are blatantly violating the ToS to an egregious degree then a warning, in my opinion, would not be unreasonably. A message to the individuals of the clan that “base location at coordinates X,Y,Z” are in violation of the ToS" Give them one week to rectify the situation. If it is not done so then that’s on them.

However, that has already pointed out that this will vastly increase the amount of work, and double work, put onto the individuals involved in handling these reports. Does Funcom have the staff and or resources to do so? I don’t know, and neither do you. And before anyone jumps in and cries “tencent” that does not mean anything whatsoever because that does not have anything to do with the amount of money that Funcom themselves have available nor how much they have available for this specific project. So, it all boils down to the amount of work and double work it would take to dole out the warnings and then go back and re-check to see of in fact all of these builds had been corrected or not.

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So if I can summarize here…all of you believe that FC is having issues policing the servers and want them to be more in tune with the dynamics of the server’s player base and take the time to warn and them come back to it later to confirm it’s done…and the players that are suffering for a real abuse cheat scoundrel? they just wait till all of this comes down the pipeline so that they can actually play the game…many for the first time? And who is fueling the resources to increase this level of customer service? Sorry but they just got new bosses and the most exciting game that they are trying to launch has a very narrow window to time with movie releases to maximize launch sales…and you want them to take the time to distinguish between intents on the builds that are in violation of the ToS?..and I don’t believe they are scouting servers on their own. Someone reported this…it doesn’t matter if 99 didn’t…1 did. We all run the risk of thanos snaps if we do grand bases on their servers. I remember a time two years ago we lost an entire month of game play…many of my bases decayed before they turned the timers off. Destruction is part of the game as well as rebuilding. No one is immune on their servers. I’m sorry that there are some civilian casualties in this enforcement but we all have seen servers that are just horrible… something had to be done

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Taemien why? Two enormous irrelevant diatribes spamming the thread. All of your characterisations are negative archetypes. And you’ve managed to include your whole backstory to support your opinions.

Two things as a response. I made a ticket. Its the first 5 words of my op. In fact I made two, one when base was deleted when i logged in and i was confused thinking it was a glitch. And another to appeal my suspension notice.

Second, I made an account on this forum to make that post. I have never read another thread nor commented in one. I made the post as another player told me it might get an admins attention quicker. I did not expect a great debate. I also did not know any of the potential solutions or what admins may or may not be able to do. I wanted my base back, or an opportunity to get a photo of it. end of story.

Since i am learning those things cannot happen, I was willing to debate the “might have been” scenarios to help move the game to a place others not have this issue. Not to debate the structure of gaming companies writ large or the nuances of community threads broken into archetypes.

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Then you have been misinformed. The only way to get a response is through Zendesk. All the other threads usually end up like this and eventually locked.

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I’m not surprised. Unlike PVP servers, for alot of PvE players, the point is very much about building something awesome, and going around enjoying others peoples creativity. Not alot of incentive to work hard to for a cool outcome if it can vanish overnight.

I get it, for some players, a base is literally just a necessity to allow you to go dungeoning or serve as a stockpile location while you do other game content. But for alot of players, the content of the game IS the basebuilding. Conan Exiles is the best I’ve seen for placeable items to make a proper RP base. They aren’t just inviting it, they promote it! There’s even marketed contests.

And moving to private servers is a terrible solution in my opinion. Official servers have new people, you can see other peoples creativity for ideas, talk to others and etc. Plus you know for certain there isn’t some arrangement where the admin has favourites, and everything built has been earned the hard way.