Switch version lags and crashes regularly

Hi devs,

I’ve been waiting to play this game on Switch for a few months, so I’ve stayed away from the PC release. But despite your patch and playing docked, it seems to suffer from some rather large lag spikes during gameplay. Notably it happens when switching through action options and at times just crashes the game. For a premium price tag, this is a bit disheartening. I suspect it requires quite a fair bit of optimization to go but in the meantime what is being done? I want to support the devs but being so unstable I’d appreciate knowing there’s some work being done in the interim or some compensation.



Here is a link to one of the threads, with a response from the dev team, about the same concerns you have. I am hopeful that they will make the game more playable with future updates, since I did the same thing you did in holding off from the PC version to play it on the go with my switch… but it’s just about unplayable with all the crashes atm. Here’s to hoping they get some of these issues resolved!

Just found this as well, with a reply from one of the funcom admins about the new update/patch being delayed due to some issue. the post from the admin is from 8/22 which means we could see the update within about a week. But Nintendo’s submission process is archaic (at best) and the slightest discrepancy on one of the submission forms can delay things by weeks!

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As UnitDTH was kind to mention, there’s an upcoming patch for the Switch that should be going live really soon and will address several reported issues.

I sure hope so, that the patch will come soon. I’m really pissed off at the moment, it should be illegal to release a game in a condition like this, it’s the worst I’ve ever experienced on any console game. It’s completely unacceptable, they should have delayed the Switch release. Unplayable is the proper word, since it literally is, the game crashes every single time I play like the third battle in the game, frustrating as hell when I’ve really been taking my time each turn.

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I understand the frustration, but having developed and released a game on a Nintendo platform, I can assure you that the submission process for even the smallest patch is terrible and has so many hoops to jump through that it frustrates even the most dedicated developer. I managed to get about 5 hours into Mutant: Year Zero before it started crashing at almost every move, silenced weapons… CRASH, using dux smoke grenade… CRASH, turning the game on and fast traveling… CRASH. I am hopeful that the upcoming patch will resolve some issues, since the game itself is great, but the bugs make it unplayable after you get to a certain point, at least in the switch version.

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