Switching character -> always have to start two times client

Okey, I have an alt (payed 1000 Aurums lol).
If I play character 1, then quit client and start client again AND selected 2nd character I always get the following error:
And client goes down… then I have to open client twice and wait twice.
Any time I try to play other character, I does not work.
Really poor untested code!

This typically only happens if you don’t wait out the logout timer or your client crashes while you log out.

You also don’t have to close the client to switch characters. You can use /camp or Alt+F10 to return to the character select screen.

Required login data missing is most often caused by poorly written mods.

Contrary to popular opinion, it has nothing to do with logging out too quickly.

I noticed if I have VPN enabled, and if I disconnect VPN while game is on… it works, but i cannot get character selection working. Usually alt+f10 character selection forks 1:4 and if it fails, then i have to start client twice. Then again this is only problem with FC game(s). Not with any other online games.
I do have to enable disable vpn because of my work. This is not a problem with any other online game.

I’m using a VPN too, and I noticed Funcom doesn’t like VPNs.
When VPN is on, I can’t connect to account page or use the AH in game, while I can still play :s
I’ve tried with different VPN exits, and guessed that FC blacklisted the exit IP of many VPN providers.
My solution : I monitored connections to find the game servers IP and tweaked my IP routes to connect to game servers outside the VPN tunnel. Here’s the list of IP I’ve added (not sure all of those are needed, would be nice if @Aeryl could tell me if the list can be shortened, or if I missed some)

#chat servers i think


#game servers

I never hard any problem with Zenmate VPN extension to chrome browser when I only had single character tied to account!
However I noticed local appdata userprofiles get recreated (ie. new one) if you have several characters under same account management if you disable/enable VPN while game is on.

I never had problems accessig AH with VPN… that’s weird.

VPN and nameresolution (DNS-queries) usually goes through VPN if it’s full tunnel one. Sometimes there might be delay in DNS-resolution, which causes it to fail, or it gives different one… dunno.

Gotta test those IPs too, don’t think that’s complete list though.
Thank you for your contribution :point_up:

There are other adresses, but they belong to google servers iirc. Not sure why the game connects to those, maybe for the ingame browser ? /shrug

I don’t have a full list of IP addresses for SWL-related servers, sorry!

Awwww :frowning:
poke @AndyB then

Thanky @ AndyB → and all the coders =)
I’ve tested now there is no problem to get to game with VPN.

However, there was no post about this one being fixed.
Now however, I cannot no more get :

Tested ~two weeks… and no problems anymore!

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Still problems now and then…

The 1% failure rate of the dozen or more hub networks between you and the servers at any given moment can do that.


Yes, it seems now… it’s about 1-5% chance to get that…

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I noticed the same. Not so long ago, I would get a on screen message “you can’t use auction house when connected through a VPN”, and now it just works.
Could that mean that someone from FC removed VPN known exits from some IP blacklist ?

Edit : I spoke too fast, anti VPN message is back today \o/

Edit : I spoke too fast, anti VPN message is back today \o/*

I noticed the same. Not so long ago, I would get a on screen message “you can’t use auction house when connected through a VPN
Never seen that one!

It’s not caused by VPN. I get this same issue without using VPN.

Well… The crashing may be but the “missing login data” isn’t.

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Well, I seldom do get that error anymore. Haven’t got it for last 2 weeks now!


This can be caused by some addons.

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