Sword play is garbage

anyone else underwhelmed by normal swords? i think the whole swordplay needs reworked, the jab is too slow for me mostly leaves you wide open for attack

I just started playing this game a couple of days ago and, aside from all of the bugs and crashes, swordplay sticks out as one of the awful aspects of the game.

Generally speaking, my hits don’t make a sound though the damage registers. Sometimes, I clearly hit the target but the damage doesn’t register.

Most of the time, though, the combat feels very boring and rudimentary. I’m not sure exactly what makes good swordplay feel rewarding but games like Mount and Blade, or Black Desert Online got it right. The sound effects, or whatever, make it feel like you’re actually slicing into the armor of an enemy combatant.

Conan doesn’t feel like that. In fact, when you hit it often doesn’t even make a sound. LOL
The animations are OK, but it just feels very simple.

Not a big problem for me, though. I’m more concerned with the constant crashes we’ve experienced. The disappearance of a large portion of our base. The disappearing corpses that keep happening. Getting stuck in the environment. Getting stuck inside of NPC’s. and NPC’s falling through the floor. OMG

AND, the other countless amount of bugs we’ve encountered in a mere TWO DAYS of playing. F F S

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yea the hit recognition is kinda garbage on most weapons i notices, my bow misses so much