T3 Blacksmith can only craft weapons

I recently broke my first T3 Blacksmith, upon placing the thrall into the bench it removes all crafting material options, and only this particular blacksmith’s weapon options are available. if i need to make steel or iron reinforcements i need to remove the blacksmith, which crafting these items was the main reason i wanted the thrall, to reduce crafting time and material cost. bug or am I just missing something? maybe a hidden menu?

You’re issue could be linked to the scrolling bug. Not 100% sure but worth looking into.

Thanks… as far as i know i can scroll fine. especially in the menus people are posting about in this link. it’s really like it’s not there. like the blacksmith can ONLY make weapons

Remove him again and place him again and see if you can craft it then.

If yes, then it was the scrolling bug :wink:

Yea, all the additional items and quality types that the thrall offers should display first at the top of the blacksmith crafting menu, scrolling to the bottom is where you should be able to find the standard items that you can craft without the thrall. So if after scrolling right through to the bottom of the menu it is still only the thralls items that you can see, then like others have mentioned it’s likely the above mentioned bug.

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