T4 Durability Blacksmith can't make legendary weapon repair kits


Game mode: Online private server
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Hey! For some weird reason I just got Hyam Hammerhand durability blacksmith and he can’t make legendary weapon repair kits. I also saw a video where he can so can you guys fix that? He’s also a tempersmith and they should be able to make them

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Hey my friend you are listed under PS4 you need to go to PC for your answers.

I am playing on PS4 :smiley: But I also got an answer from a Conan veteran that Hyam Hammerhand actually can’t make the kits and I’d need purge T4 thrall for it so this post is solved

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Yes, you have been mixing up the pc and ps4 version. On pc he can actually make them while on ps4 you still need the purge blacksmith

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