T4 Named Blacksmiths

Is there really any difference between them? I have three different ones, Kot-Arok Steelbender, Aisss and Hyam Hammerhands. The only difference I can find in them is that Hyam can make Flawless Steel Poinard where as the other two cannot. Aside from that they are identical as to what flawless items they can craft. So, is it even worth getting any others?

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They are only different in the Flawless weapons they can make. You can see a list here.

Most of the weapons each can make are crap anyway. But I would still take any you see and store them away for future changes.

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Since the market has been flooded with Legendary weapon drops and repair kits ( I and my clanmate have chests and cabinets full of them) the basic answer is no.

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@Maedhros Thank you for that list. So basically yeah there is no difference. The higher end items such as Acheronian, Serpent Man, Obsidian and Star Metal weapons can all be made in the flawless fashion by every single on of them. This is a serious issue on Funcoms part. I get that they can all do the DLC weapons but the other weapons should be more specialized as the armor is. I appreciate your response.

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