Tab targeting system

Watching this screenshot, can you tell me who is my offensive target, and who is my defensive one ?


Teh answer was: Mayan Battle Mage as offensive target, and no defensive target.

If you zoom, you may be able to spot the red circle at the mayan feet, which is normal. But its name & hp bar are not displayed over his head, the reticle algorithm prefers to show me a friendly target :confused:
Is that intuitive ? Not really imo.
And such case -when the reticle is confusing- happens quite frequently. As the saying goes, the more the merrier, and it gets quite annoying when fighting Megabosses or event bosses with more people around. It’s even more fun when the friendly target is someone’s pet…

Now, if we had an option to disable the reticle, and use tab targeting on hostiles, that wouldn’t happen.

A few words of wisdom:
“This is something I wanted to bring into the game from the moment I put on the Game Director shoes as I feel it makes combat a lot more direct and exciting. We are not forcing it upon anyone, though. You will be able to freely switch between traditional targeting and the reticule depending on what you feel is best for you.
I know SWL is not TSW, but I really don’t get why hostile tabbing got disabled in favor of a half-working and inaccurate reticle. I only used tab targeting in TSW, and combat was still exciting.


I only used tab target in TSW also, and i play by keyboard, with my own keybinds still as i did then. Mistakes were made when pressing " T " and was a key that got quickly unbound and set to “Enter” on the numpad keys and the key removed from the keyboard.

I can’t tell if you’re serious about removing the actual keycap. But if so, that’s a bit extreme. If there’s anything you don’t want to have bound to the keyboard, just right click on the current keybind to remove it.


I was serious yes, i did rebind it from “T” to “Enter” on the numpad keys, that way there can be no mistakenly pressing the key either by me or the cat! lol
Now in SWL i have rebind “B” to “Enter” and again, removed the keycap lol

Extreme it may be, but that’s how i feel about it :smiley: It’s like an act of permanent removal in physical form, short of throwing the keybind physically out of a window.

Thread bump, before the Inquisition accuses me of necromancy :smiley:
(Also, should anyone from FC read this, please let me know it has been read) (And sell me false hope like “It will be discussed in our next SWL team meeting”)

Happy Easter!
Which egg do you want?

Currently hitting: Brutus (the number over his head shows he’s the one I’m attacking)
Current target according to reticle: Cassius

This happens often when fighting this trio, but also anytime there’s more than 1 target (try killing the mages ads first in DW6).

Dear Funcom team, could you please re-implement tab targeting for hostile as an option ? You got most of the code to do it, and it would be a lot faster than fixing the reticle (doing both would be very nice, but can’t say I care about the reticle welfare, unless you make it so good that it becomes the new standard in MMOs).


The newly implemented “Add” that comes alongside the boss before this trio in HE E14 + is also another tricky one to target since they are right next to each other, behind or in front of each other, you are moving to avoid aoe’s and looking for dogs to not cause other aoe’s and still try target add so you can kill boss.
Not impossible, but would be better with tab/choose target.

The image i posted above i am looking much more direct at the egg in front of me, yet my target appears to be ALLEGEDLY “Soft locked” lol to the egg on the far right of my screen.
This poses a problem if i were to kill the wrong egg or if this was an add on Recursia - which often happens and you kill yourself cos it hit the add with the shield even though you weren’t looking at it.

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Silly me for thinking pointing the reticle at the enemy I’m interested in killing should let me hurt it, right? It’s not like it’s the only enemy in range that I’m even capable of damaging or something.

I don’t want tab targeting cause it’s easier than reticle, I want it cause reticle point blank does not work


Yep, the reticle behaviour is… weird.
Re-watching my fight vs mannequins I thought an acquired target would remain “locked” by the algorithm as long as the player keeps pushing… er… mashing an action button, but numerous times, my DA runs proved me wrong.
While strafing around a DA boss (being tanked by my Living Flame) to avoid AoE/environmental effects, I keep pressing action buttons, but I quite often gets the “no available target in range” message. And I can assure you that, I’m in range, my ele bar is far from overheating, and my reticle is still on target.

Dear @AndyB are there any official statements telling tab targeting is a no-go and will never come back in game ? I believe the team is actually working a lot on Dune project, but is asking for hostile tab targeting so unreasonable ? If you read this, could you please show the video to the team, and confirm that’s the intended behaviour for the reticle… or that it needs a pair of glasses :eyeglasses:

We have no plans to add tab targeting in Secret World Legends.


Be careful. Talking about this is a bannable offense.

I’ve still got the email, too. I’m going to frame it one day.

Woohoo, an official statement \o/
What about improving the reticle algorithm ?

Actually adding tab targeting is incorrect, since it’s already here but for friendly targets only (pets & npc included)

I have no information about current plans to revise the system. Your feedback regarding the reticule targeting system is appreciated.


Not sure that could be done without a rework of the entire targeting code. Since the original reticule (and current one) are both based off of the tab targeting code. The original reticule option was simply another way to target. It still used the same code, you simply used the reticule rather than the tab key. Baseline targeting is still handled the same way just the origin of the definition of the target is different. One cycles through with a tab key while the other cycles through a snapshot of the positioning of the reticule. I would think extensive work would need to be done to the original base code in order to improve the way the reticule works, since it is really just tab targeting but on an active cycle and with a different originator.

Still would be nice if we could have both like in the original game, but what can you do? :slight_smile:


I think that too.
While the code for tab targeting is still used in game but for friendly targets only; that’s why I’m asking for an option so players can switch the “friendly” to “hostile”, which imo is doable w/o breaking everything.

When using Unload skill on Iscariot, reticle prefers to go green and highlight a teammate.
Working as intended ?

That behaviour is horrible in lairs, I quite often press buttons having no idea what I’m hitting, since the reticle chooses to highlight a raid member. Same conclusion for Agartha or event bosses.
But well, why would a player need to know what he’s shooting at ? :roll_eyes: