Tame thralls in pve still killable

Game mode: [Online | official]
Problem: | pve thralls still killable by players |
Region: [EU]

Using a melee weapon kills tamed thrall on pve, yet the thralls just follow the attacker n don’t retaliate.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go melee
2.Hit a thrall
3.Walk away as it follows u not fighting
4.Kill it lol

Yep. I posted this a little bit ago. It’s sad this is a thing. One more way griefers can get you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Someone walked right in my base and destroyed my archers. Hope it gets fixed soon.

It’s not worth to get any Thrall yet, they need to be fixed. The only Thrall that I find fun to have is entertainers and dancers lol.

Yes and no, depends on how big your house is. I have a small cosy house (like 5x5) where I managed to get everything in but the down side is that sometimes my Thralls will run out and get eaten by wolves. I am not sure crafting Thralls will act the same.

Absurd this is an issue with a game that spent so much time in beta…