Tank vs Offtank

So, I’ve seen these terms being used decently often, but I’m still a bit unclear on what the difference between the two is. Doing a bit of googling and reading posts and threads related to other MMOs seems to suggest that off-tank is something of a secondary or back-up tank, usually sacrificing some tanking ability for more DPS and/or CC. Is this correct? Am I missing anything important with how the terms are used in AoC? And how much of the difference is build/equipment vs role?

((OOC: I’m going to use general terms here, not AoC specific))

No you’re correct. Everyone is pretty solid with calling a Guard a Tank. Heavy armor, high aggro, low DPS. His purpose is to grab the aggro, suck up the damage and free up the rest of the group to kill the target.

An Off Tank is a class that can do the job if needed and/or as a secondary to the actual Tank, but mainly is played as a DPS. Since I play one, I’ll use Dark Templer as an example.

DT’s have a stance and ability to suck up damage and some features to generate more hate to keep aggro while tanking (which almost all think that’s all they can do), but also can be a good DPS’er if that’s how they’re played.

If you’re going to Tank spec your off-tank than the best armor, all the aggro grabbing features etc… should be set up. Because you can dual spec in AoC you can even set up seperate spec’s for DPS and for Tanking, just as some do a PvE and a PvP spec setup.

Is an off-tank always a hybrid? If there are two Guards, equally specced/outfitted, can’t one be main tank and the other off tank? Or do we call the second tank something else?

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One would be the main tank, and the other would be the off-tank.

The terminology doesn’t really require thinking about dps. I think it is looser and really just a Main tank, secondary tank kind of thing.

Fun fact, in many situations, you can even have a DPS class “off-tank” in a fight. A Necromancer’s Melee pet that has been Frenzied is a decent short off-tank. They just give the main tank a bit of relief to heal up.

theres really no such thing as an offtank, some encounters need 2 tanks (in dungeons that usually depends on the main tanks gear/ability unless you’re in Arsashir fort or something), some require a non-tanking tank (usually kiting something) and other times you can go DPS.

If you’re the offtank you’re typically not actually tanking much unless it’s needed or you really want to (depends on the boss), so it’s safe for badly geared and inexperienced soldiers (if you’re either of those you shouldn’t join as MT since the MT is the one carrying the group).

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Yeah people seem to think that “offtank” is something that you indentify your class as or something. its more the role you have in your groupsetup. I see an offtank as someone that can tank, but does secondaryjobs like kiting vortex/palace-healer. And forces/goads to support the maintank in the group.

I usually search for offtank when i want a tank for some tasks or slight support in tanking, but lowering the treshold to get someone faster. Cos they dont need to be especially geared for it. All tankclasses ingame can tank any boss so its just a myth that the initial heavyarmor classes is an offtank in todays aoc

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This. Can we please put this carved in stone in front of every dungeon and raid in the game? And especially in big bold red letters in people faces when they create a conq?


All solider can be both off-tank and main-tank.
A off-tank guard would often be seen with polearm to be as damage efficient as possible while not tanking anything.

Always enjoy seeing the tank, off-tank, tertiary tank and the quarternary tank protect the group! :slight_smile:

Offtanking on barb is fun.