Tanner, Alchemist, Cooking and Carpenter Thralls pointless now? Plus rant about trending bad decisions

So wait a minute. Whats the point of a tanner thrall, alchemist thrall, cooking thrall and carpenter thrall (at the artisan tables) now if they dont speed stuff up and they don’t provide reduced cost. They literally have no purpose that I see or do I not understand?

Do you have any idea how many hours people have put into catching good thralls? I’m serious, do you? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a very high number. You just took a dump all over all of those people and their time because … well because why? You did the same thing with healing mechanics and you keep claiming it’s about balancing but you made it not fun and took away the rewards people have earned by spending a lot of time to get them… You do realize that your focusing on hardcore players and leaving all your new and casual folks in the dust? Those people are the ones who spend money while most of your hardcore folks (I said most not all) are the ones hacking and abusing “sharing” stuff.

Listen, I digress. What I’m trying to say is we enjoyed the thrall part of the game, I’d say it’s one of the main selling points for me. Like people pokemon. But now you broke the hell out of it by making them worthless and and claim it’s for our own good. I’m assuming you play your own stuff before releasing it… or do you just slap changes in and toss em out the door like a hail Mary. I say that because you took away the fun parts and I don’t see how you wouldn’t know that. Just play it… Why would you make it not fun, your name is Funcom. You should change your name to Grindcom.

There are so many bad decisions made within the last few months I’m not sure I’m going to be buying anything else from you Funcom. You broke healing and now thralls can easily die when going boss hunting when it was already a risk before. We do not love spending hours raising a thrall to watch it die because it bugs out in a boss fight and you gave us no real way to heal them anymore. Either fix the combat AI or give us back healing to compensate for the buggy clunky fighting.

You keep “fixing” things that aren’t broken and yet bugs that have been around since the early days are still floating around wrecking our fun… Why do thralls still get stuck and stand there in battle and the only way to get them “Free” is to walk far enough away to despawn them?

Where are your priorities? Oh wait, nevermind, I know the answer to that. Your priorities seem to be in my wallet and thats all you care about which is why you keep releasing broken DLC and patches that piss everyone off before fixing actual broken stuff and making your player base happy by listening and changing the game to ways that we enjoy

I hate some of these new changes. It’s like, in the beginning I paid for a ferarri, got corvette and was like… “Ok, still good.” but then you snuck in and took out the engine in the middle of the night and replaced it with a 2 cylinder that needs boat loads gas to run and told us it’s the same car.

I get where you’re coming from. You don’t want it to be exploity or easy, but sometimes you need to worry about whats fun and let the small percent of dumbtards who exploit, exploit. They’re not the ones paying you most of the money you make. The casual folks are and they don’t bother exploiting because they actually like to play the game.


Feeling the same… The one unique feature that game sets apart from other survival games → thralls. Lets just make them >50% obsolete, because we need Conan Ark 2.0…

The only benefit, I see is for PvP starters and if you want to have specific armor XYZ.

Also true (for me).

But enough on the forum see it otherwise and they will start now, trying to “destroy any argument” you wrote.
Have fun with that (i have none in that). People are different. People have different styles.

Many were happy with thrall mechanic, many probably not and many simple dont care.

The less collectibles (which matters) this game has, the less addictive it is (for me). So the positive outcome is, you simple stop playing it and you dont spend anymore at any Funcom game at all (positive for the person itself, not so for Funcom).

Also currently every thrall has the special bonus recipes from purge-thralls (in the testlive-servers). So, now they even removed the purpose of triggering purges.

As the game has no monthly subscribtion, all that counts are selled game/dlcs. So maybe thats the reason, why FC wants to change the game to more “beginner friendly” (also in PvP).
So that people will try to convince other people to start it, until they discover all the bugs (hello undermeshing), inconsistentes at the whole game (stack sizes and often weights), etc and then FC already has the money.


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