Teleport Coins for Dragon Spine Dungeons

It would be nice if you could use a coin to teleport to the Place of Cetriss.

there is a follower of asura almost right in front of it oO

Gief coin for chaos and wyrm, its 2020 soon and i hate walking, and immersion!


Take an uber lol

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Teleport coins and Immersion! that’s a new one! :smiley:

In fact, he wrote that he hates immersion… :grin:

I support idea to add Dragon’s Spine dungeons to premium teleport system… such as Coils of Ubah Khan, Sepulcher of the Wyrm and Slithering Chaos also Palace of Cetriss nice to add too.

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This is going to be the big 2020 update, just don’t expect more that year

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It sure will be difficult for Funcom to exceed the large amount of content we’ve received in 2019.

Wait… Yeah, some teleport coins would exceed all the content we received in 2019…

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oh… missed that part :smiley: But yes, give teleport locations to wyrm/chaos pls!