Temperature: Building Pieces / Fireplaces & Fountains/Pools

I checked Search and this topic doesn’t appear to have been suggested before?

I wish all building pieces were temperature-neutral (with the exception of Black-Ice). I wish that we could build all styles, but would then have to use Fireplaces to heat and Ice-boxes or Water Fountains to cool an area. I dislike not being able to use some of the Northern build pieces int he South, and same for the far north.

It is obviously completely impractical to have temperature moderated by how many windows and thickness of wall, etc like in real world (and PvP’ers would go MAD!). But what about just making more fireplaces for sold and fountains and pools (& ice boxes) for cooling stuff?

Of course, it is fully understood that changing all build pieces, and stripping out all temperature settings are mere child’s play for the Dev-thralls, and will take no time at all to do and therefore cost nothing in time and work…

Oh well, it’s a thought… :slight_smile:

PS: I am sure someone mentioned this in the Argos DLC pre-release vid - dunno why they didn’t lodge this brilliant suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


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