Temperature/stat variants, and server transfering option

Just throwing in another variant of gameplay quality of life suggestions, this time for armor temperature benefits and the ability to opt in or out of allowing server transfers onto your server.

I believe for end game “epic” quality gear you should be allowed to determine the stats of the armor you craft as well as the temperature benefit it possess.

This modification would be a unique “alteration” component for epic armor, requiring a new set of recipes and a T3 or higher armor smith to apply the modification, allowing you to reassign the stat provided by any piece of epic quality armor and , and another component to alter the climate protection. This alteration component would behave just like the current upgrade components except it cannot be extracted and uses its own slot. The requirements makes it quite difficult to obtain these modifications however they should have little to no affect on game balance. For temperature alterations, it could reduce or add 2 to the corresponding temperature upgrade either rebalancing the protection altogether or further improving its ability to do so, and for stats you could change the exact stat value of any epic armor piece to your liking. The only thing to watch for is putting too much temperature bonus on your set making you only able to use the set in the extreme of temperatures.

I think this would greatly help build diversity for more variations to explore in hot and cold climates, without affecting player balance since the ability to wear a light medium or heavy armor piece with the stat you want is possible, however the looks are not always what the player wants and this would help with that.

As for server transferring, this would be limited to private servers, unless official servers thought a few or all could use this as well. The purpose is mostly for private servers in the event the owner disbands the server or neglects it and the players would like to carry their progress to another server. To maintain server balance there would be a few restrictions for transferring to keep players from doing it too frequently.

First, they determine if they want to allow people to transfer to their server, with officials needing to decide if that’s a path they want to take or just keep it to private servers. Not all admin’s or even private severs as a collective may be in favor of such risks.

Second, depending on the admin/official settings, you would lose between 5-X levels for transferring. 5 would be the minimal because nobody would want to face a group of transferring players just jump in and have the same level of strength as them despite working up to that level. Private servers would be able to further this setting if they rather keep players down for transferring their character over and being potentially dominant.

Lastly, only the gear you equip and what is on your hotbar will transfer. Your entire inventory otherwise, your buildings, everything else remains on the last server. This would keep players from just stocking up to 1,000% and bringing a city with them. Bring the clothes on your back, your weapons, maybe some healing items or consumables and suffer a small level loss to an accepting transfer server and continue your conquest through the exiled lands!

Got the suggestion in one of the topics up now to simply strip all temp resists from all armors. And instead make you have to craft a consumable item that applies to the armor and locks in a resist stat on it. +1 to +5 and either Heat or Cold. So you can decide what resist you want on what piece of armor you want to put it on.

To make things more convenient and move away from the current method of just sticking hot or cold on an armor out of necessity, rather than appearance.

Only problem I find with that is aesthetics, having some warm looking armor applying heat resistance would damage the realism they were trying to do with temperature resistance (although some pieces are arguable doing this already by such as pictish).

They aren’t going for realism with temperature resistance. That’s already been established.

They look at what is needed when a DLC armor is supposed to release, and they make it that resistance. That’s why some armor has a temp resist that is wildly inappropriate.

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I agree Crysis. And that’s why I have a problem with it. The temperature system is a nod towards realism (in the cold, you need warm clothing, not chain-mail bikinis!). This being a survival game, that’s fine, it makes sense. That’s why we need to eat and drink, too. Staples of the survival genre, entirely voluntary in most other games.

But then why in the name of Crom would you make Fur armor heat resistant? It’s possibly the warmest-looking armor set in the whole game, yet it… cools you down? To the point where if you wear it in the snow, you die of hypothermia much sooner than if you were buck naked…
And yes, I know that the “answer” is that the decision was made to ignore lore and aesthetics when releasing DLC armors. But it still feels like two steps forward and then one back.

Then again, I’ve always felt the idea that temperature and stat-bonus being tied to a specific aesthetic was faulty to begin with. At least if it was up to players you could head-canon away the inconsistencies as player choice, instead of having them forced on you by the game :slight_smile:

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I personally believe it should be as discussed in that other thread about this.

Strip resistances away from armors and make new one-use items that can be crafted and add heat or cold resist 1-5 to the armor pieces.

At least then we can pick what we want, and those who like the realism of it can make the fur armor cold resistant. And the chainmail bikinis could be given heat resistance.

There would no longer be a need for them to “balance” anything. It’d be up to the players to handle. It wouldn’t be perfect as Funcom adding fixed resistances that correctly match the armor appearance.

But it would be perfect in that we could handle the balance and usage ourselves.

Those who roleplay could be happy to have resistant-appropriate armors.
Those who PvP can be happy with getting to wear their favorite armor wherever they wish.


I don’t understand why people are so fixated on furs = protection against cold. There’s a lot of example of human societies living in hot climate wearing animal furs.
For CE, if you like where live Picts, it’s mostly in hot or warm temperate aera. Only those at the Cimmerrian and Vanir boundaries live in a cold climate. It fits lore better for Pict’s armours to give an heat resistance than a cold one.
On the other hand the Zingaran freebooter armour giving a cold resistance is very silly and against lore.:wink:

Maybe overall, though I’m not really sure I buy it.
The ones we got in the game are of the former variety in any case, see also the Frontier building style. The frontier in question is not a hot area I’d wager. And yes I know the buildings are not by the Picts, it’s against the Picts.

Anyway, lore discussions are completely moot as Funcom by their own admission don’t really worry about it when assigning temperature values to armor - they just pick something they feel is missing from the current options, not what would be culturally or aesthetically fitting.

It would seem nice to just put this in the hands of the players but then why even have temperature resistance if you could wear cloth and be in the mountains?

I think alterations to a small degree would at least try to preserve the purpose of temperature resistance giving players more control over it but not necessarily breaking the system in place. If we could strip and place our own resistance to wear whatever we want, then they may as well just remove it all together.

It’s not breaking the system. And the system is largely already broken because the temp resist is being given to any armor simply based on the need for balance. Not for any realism at all.

And you are missing the point. You do not strip resistance and re-apply whenever you want. It’s once per armor piece. If you want that armor to have a different resistance, you are required to craft an entirely new piece and apply the different resistance to that one.

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I understand the point, its a modification, but it still offers little reason to keep temperature resistance around as a feature if you could alter its temperature stat completely.

Not saying the dev’s are doing a good job of keeping their DLC armor style relevant to the temperature resistance, just that it doesn’t need to be disregarded as a gameplay feature.

You don’t understand the point.

  1. Armors would no longer come with ANY temperature resistance when crafted.
  2. You must have protection from extreme heat or extreme cold.

The new way to do this is crafting either Hot or Cold kits and applying them to the armor.

  1. These do NOT count as modkits and so do not lower durability or override mod kits in use.
  2. The applicatio is PERMANENT. You will never be able to take it off once it is applied. That armor will forever have the Hot or Cold resistance.

The entire point is to remove Funcom handling this, because they are forcing hot or cold based on need, not appearance. And people aren’t happy about it, given the number of discussions about this topic.

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