Terribly designed crafting menus

The crafting menus are designed pretty poorly. The filters are basically useless because what they do is just shift the entire menu so that the filtered items show up at the top. An issue with that is, if I’m hovered over fish trap but cycle to the building filter, my cursor will stay on the fish trap instead of taking me to the top of the menu, where the filtered items are. The filters are there for convenience but there is nothing convenient about having my cursor stay on whatever item it so happens to land on while I shift through filters.
Instead of keeping all the items in one large menu and rearranging the items and calling it filtered, it would be mich better to have one category that has all items, the next have the building craftable items, another being crafting stations, one being misc items, weapons and etc.
This would be much better than the system that is currently implemented. Sifting through dozens of building items to get to something simple such as twine is very inconvenient and makes it annoying to try to craft anything from the hand crafted menu.