Testlive Hotfix (21.06.2020) - Some music, AI and server browser fixes

Likely synced with live.

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Testlive client. The beta tag/revision number is currently not being displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen for me.

It’s not about resting it’s about not hearing the same stressing music forever and being able to enjoy the whole amazing OST created for Conan Exiles (and Age of Conan for some of them it seems). I cannot talk for the others but even after 900h, I’m not bored even a bit by the in game musics ! While I remember having turned it off since quite a long time when I reached the same amount of time played in Skyrim (and I love Skyrim)

This said. As I’m seeing if I can create a “tower of the elephant” (at least not too far from the thin perfect cylinder of the novel) I found these :
Some argossian pieces have small bugs :

  • Items (walls) 3501, 3504,3505, 3507 and 3515 (edit : 5592) have no sound, nor animations when destroyed
  • some DLCs seem disabled (I can spawn pieces like 3308 6308, 8308 or 7313 for example, nor yamatan armour also as an example)
  • 55001 and 55007 are “True Name of Set” (right Icon and decay) and “Vrai nom de Set” (translation of the first). 55007 seems wrong.
  • 5313 at least in French has name inconsistency : “Pierre angulaire turanienne” instead of “Angle turanien”

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New Testlive patch is out!