Testlive Hotfix (23.10.2020) - Fixes, More Fixes, and then some Balancing

Can someone confirm that this is the case? Prior to the 23.10.2020 hotfix, the durability blacksmiths I checked did not have this recipe when slotted to the blacksmith or improved blacksmith bench.

I’m not sure it’s viable unless you’re willing to repair a lot - the durability is still very low. With 20 base Agi you get up to 56% damage reduction if you can put Bulked Plating on it - but you’re looking at 195 durability on the chest and legs. If you go for a mix of advanced reinforcement (head/hands/feet) and master reinforcement (chest/legs) you get ~300 or ~400 on pieces, but you’re down to 43% damage reduction.

There was a bug with stacking arrows. For example, star metal arrows were doing somewhere around 5600 points of damage (and I think the more you crafted and stacked, the more the damage value went up). One shot kill arrows even on a 3 skull boss wouldn’t even come close to describing what these arrows could do. They really were “nukes.” So he’s saying they fixed that damage bug.

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Oof. Archery was almost good. :wink:

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The Campaign and Garrison blacksmith benches only make weapons and tools, is this by design? Doesn’t make sense that you would not be able to make the same items as the tier 2 improved bench.

Steel reinforcements are painfully slow on the improved bench, I know I would be looking at spending more in mats to get them fast.

I have 8k hours in this game and the changes that have come in since Scott Junior has been running things is awful.

Too many RP changes for me. RIP conan fun while it lasted.

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Reptilian Epic armor is showing up in the menu for the Improved Armorers Bench. Also the Gauntlet and Chest piece icons are switched.

Can you give us an approximate date for the release of this update on consoles?

Black Hand Boots and Stygian Raider Gloves are giving a light lining when put into the Dismantling Bench even though both are medium armor I believe. Don’t know if this is intended or not.

I haven’t Dismantled anything else that is giving a weird resource yet.

Attempting to place a decor item (such as this Turanian standing lamp) onto any of the workbenches (at least the ones I tried: all the basic benches) causes the item to float in mid-air:


I put an Aardwolf Head into a Fluid Press. It didn’t process it. On live, animal heads give blood and bone in a fluid press.


Checked two consecutive wild surges (online game, SOCOM Siptah test server), one at C8 and one at E8. Both of them spawned five mobs instead of three for the last wave. On live, they only spawn three. Is this intended behavior?

Hey Funcom, why don’t you fix the error about needing to be connected to the internet (when we are connected to the internet). I shouldn’t have to do a Direct Connect to my server! And what is up with the high ping rate on American servers!??

Suggestion related to the update:

  • It would be great if the recipes of Conan’s Royal Armor and Conan’s Atlantean Sword were placed in work stations and could be upgraded. This would also increase the clarity of recipes in the character’s inventory. :+1:

    • Currently, these items are not used much because they are weaker compared to most armor and weapons. If they cannot be upgraded, these items will be forgotten and will only clutter up / extend player inventory recipes. :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :next_track_button:
  • The saddler’s table does not have a large number of recipes, if there were recipes for changing the appearance of horses :racehorse:, rhinoceros :rhinoceros: and animals :tiger:, the clarity of recipes in the player’s inventory would be even better. :star_struck:


Very good direction of changes of the building changes, but I still dont get why you didnt add a construction workbench for T2 and T3 buildings. It makes no sense to build those by hand, and it clutters the character inventory building.

Now the building filters are working on controller! That is a big positive, after two years, controller users and console players will be able to use filters on crafting!

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I will continue to advocate against the changes to fish traps until this decision is reversed. I do not like requiring bait for the traps or losing the ability to obtain ichor from fish - especially if fish continue to decay and vanish from the traps regardless! These are detrimental changes to the game and will only continue to have a negative effect going forward; this should never make it to a live patch.

This does not contribute to a good game balance considering all the current factors like how much ichor is needed for alchemy, or how difficult it is to obtain bait in any decent amounts. This is only compounded by the combination of both tiering the bait and tiering the fish to match in terms of how much oil you get from them. The effect is multiple degrees of difficulty imposed and creating far more grind than is necessary.

At the end of the day, dev team, you guys need to ask yourself “is this change going to be fun for players, and if not, is the loss to fun worth what we’re trying to accomplish?”

After all, what is gained by making one type of fuel many times harder to obtain? Does removing a lot of it somehow change the game balance and give one group of players less of an advantage over another? Or does it simply make everyone have to chop more trees, cut more bushes, farm more bark and resin and overall just spend more time grinding resources (in other words, doing more of the things that don’t make the game more enjoyable and less time doing everything else available to them)?

Because that’s the only effect I’m seeing, and it’s not a positive change to the game if that’s the case.


Maybe they could work it to where we get more than one fish per bait.

I just checked in game, the most common use of ichor (T3 building) now use resin from trees, like is mentioned on the patch notes. Only use of ichor I could find is alchemical base, which is used in potions like lotus potions, forgot to check if dragon powder uses it too, but probably.

This is the patch notes that detail ichor uses:

And all you have to do to get more ichor than you know what to do with, on demand without waiting for fish traps to restock, is find the nearest spot on the map that spawns spiders or scorpions, and harvest either one with a pick or a pickaxe. A hardened steel pick will give you something like 20 ichor per spider. And standard spiders squish in 2-3 hits with a hardened steel weapon.

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Its not fish traps that lag the server its huge alpha bases on servers with 100s of thralls at the gate and as many left sitting around the map just lost. I agree no one needs a 100 fish traps but lets be honest its not the fish traps , its the many many thralls just left in a field that never decay or the huge bases filled with thousands of crates and boxes filled with thousands of swords no one uses and boxes and boxes of armor sets and thralls standing on the walls toe to toe. Those things are what lag the server not a few fish traps lol…

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