Testlive Patch (07.02.2019) - A few quick fixes that we wanted to get out

Testlive_EU2_PVE is till unaccessible
PC has been restarted since.


Seems we are not the only ones:

Funcom, Mods, Devs, Managers,
I’m stopping testing the testlive and only focus on the connection issues.
Tell me what you need to resolve this, I’m glad to provide any info.

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Where did you experience these described issues, on a official testlive server ?
I run my own testlive-server, and had indead some crashes over the time, but never so many crashes as you described.

The only issue i had these last days, was a crash in the north, between the Mounds of Dead and the southern wall approx, and twice i had to reboot my server to able to log-in to it again. Said me “connection lost” before server-reboot. Rebooting my server resolved here the issue.
On a official server or a server not hosted by you, of course you would stay outside in the meantime the server is restarted.

All official EU Testlive servers.
PVP, PVE and PVE-C have the same issues.
Constant de-connects, hours of inaccessibility. Sometimes days as stated in several reports.
I think it’s about 40% of the time we can actually play.
We are several in the clan in different locations in Belgium and Sweden.
De-connects are always at the same for all of us, so it’s not a client issue, it is a server issue that we only have on test-live.
This is why Funcom really needs this resolved or be prepared to have a 24/7 watch on all of their official servers. If not and these issues propagate to the live servers, it will decimate the player base and effectively be the death of Conan exiles.

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Still down for me, however, some people did manage to get on.

Funcom, we need more QoL, that being Clan Management (overcome the inactive leader) and having Thralls defenders hostile to enemy players 24/7 and not only raid time.


Like i mentioned in an other tread, i had similar issue with my own testlive server.
I crashed, then was unable to get back on it. Same message, about connection lost.

I had to restart my server to be able to log-in to it. A restart solved the issue. Then next crash, same, need to restart server to get on.

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Yeah, I got that, but do we really want funcom to babysit the servers or have us open a ticket to restart the server so we can continue playing?

Btw. I havent yet tested testlive for my own reasons. (Being me having started on some rp server in early january - this one actually being some RP server, unlike the other one I started on back in november.)

This server is running calamitous, pippi, this less building restrictions thingy and sexiles and started to have issues in mid of january. Certain things seem to not be working, the server restarts every 6 hours and sometimes wont start up as it got…stuck? Also backups not being done as intended. There is always problems with these…

Thats a bug i mentioned in the last patches MONTHS ago. Some mobs spawn like 2-3 on top of each other .

EU PVE-C still down
Server claims 3 people have been online for 30 hrs, but Sirzaion hasn’t been on there for just about that time

to bad we cannot enjoy all this updates. :frowning: When flaying sword exploit , spear, drop dupe lag , low fps, will be fix all this new things apply for single player only :frowning:

That’s not what i’m saying. I’m just pointing at a crash of my character needed a server restart to be able to log-in again. This is definitevely an issue with testlive-server.
I run also a server with live build, and never had this issue over monthes.

And it’s not only the offficial servers, but also privat testlive servers showing it.

Still nothing.

This time no error, the Conan Exiles client just became unresponsive

Please Funcom, you need to address this

PVP servers are full with exploits, what you farm today a player will ez take for you tonight with exploits cause hell they are so many. So it is pointless to play PVP till all this exploits are fix.

Can’t connect to combat testlive eu2 pve conflict
It loads for a very long time then returns to main menu with message: “Connection lost. Could not connect to server host”

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Stuttering yet again. I think I havent done this workaround"fix" on the testlive client yet.

Sometimes the screen wont turn bloody when severly wounded. Also missing statuses.

Probably considered hardmode if one wont know if one is poisoned? :smiling_imp:

I ws surprised to see the firebowl cauldron not requiring fuel anymore. Like it though. :slight_smile:

Human corpses… are 5 harvests on skinning them correct?

Also I got a full stack of alchemic base plus a full stack of crystals from one of these lootboxes which get dropped by bearers. I know, only the first one is really good, but still… I think that is a bit much - even more given that gold isnt exactly hard, but very early game neither.
(Seems I was lucky on the first one. The other ones had less valueable stuff inside.)

Yes it’s a well known and tough nut to crack for the dev’s.
Let’s hope they can track it down before releasing

Cant connect to US3 again for the past few days. Tried validating files and restarting pc. still get fatal error

Playing Testlive SP without mods. Mainly testing purge with the settings Multigun recommended for testing the purge. It functions quite good.
But I had a ctd with fatal error while running on the island east of the broken bridge at the position of the first big rocks there.

Is this the Highlands Bridge or the Oasis Bridge? :slight_smile: