Testlive Patch (13.06.2020) - Balancing and Avatars Rev.2

Just restarted ps4 in case but still not able to get on

This is the testlive forum, for PC. Ignasis’s post doesn’t have to do with PS4.

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Server listing appears to be repopulated, and I was able to login and resume normal play on US3 PVE with few ill effects apart from mild building decay. Thank you.

Clearly the bugs that players actually care about takes too much work from funcom. They’re as bad as the lowly testers that I used to work with. Just report to the PM who isn’t technical a 5 minute issue to take hours to “get done” then kick back for hours or go home early. And this was in a multi-billion company… Sure, the devs couldn’t get away with that (probably), but no doubt it’s happening in funcom. It’s obvious if you think about it really :frowning: a fix which was to adjust the leashing of red mother as a roundabout fix, as opposed to addressing the ACTUAL bug, is PROOF of that.

Here’s a good place to start for the team… report this to take double the time it’ll take to fix so you can still kick back for half the week, I don’t care, but can someone just dedicate some time to this? - IF YOU’RE NOT BUFFING PLAYERS, WE RELY ON OUR THRALLS. STOP THEM FROM PUTTING THEIR WEAPONS AWAY WHEN WE’RE GETTING BATTERED!!

Also, here’s an easy one… It’s similar to that red mother leashing adjustment! Changing variable values! Funcom’s favourite fix haha, report this one to take 5 hours ;). But make night time not pitch black please? Not everyone builds in the middle of the savanna. If you’re in the Jungle, there shouldn’t be a playable time and non-playable time. If we want to play the game, we want to play the game. Sure we have a torch, but if you’re dragging a thrall back, you literally have to sit idle and hope you’re in a safe spot.

I get that you’re going for that “survival” theme so the dark is part of that… But let’s focus on fixing the game first before going for the immersive route? At the moment, amidst all the bugs, pitch-black night time only serves to annoy people.

Imagine… You spent 10 minutes adjusting the thrall behavior, taking/giving them their weapons in hopes that it resets something. Placing and following again because they were stuck. Then finally, after they decide to help you knock a thrall out, you’re hit with night time. Not much immersion when you spend most of the time battling with the… unscalable, monolithic, messy code which is the AI.

Suggestion for the Dev team: Read “clean code” by Robert Martin. No, I didn’t suggest that just for the book’s title lol, it’s genuinely a great book.

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I’m not sure being facetious in this thread helps much.

I just wanted to make what will be a seemingly random comment regarding the current state of the Faction System, or aka the ‘Hate List’. To be completely honest here, and at the risk of being unpopular, I actually REALLY like this change! I find it fun to watch them battle to the death and then ‘reward’ the winner accordingly. I honestly hope that it remains as is. Funcom, please leave the faction system/hate list as is.


I completely agree with this. Unlike thralls and standard pets, which are just a case of drop them in a crafting station with some low end food (eg-gruel or feral flesh), greater pets generally speaking, require more work. There is a game of chance required to obtain greater pets, and I find it takes multiple attempts to even create one. Furthermore, they (ideally) require high end ingredients in the form of shadebloom in order to inprove those chances.

This comes back to the same principle as Legendary weapons for me; they take longer to grind out than standard ‘weapons’, so hence they should be stronger.

That’s one way. I wonder if there is shadebloom-human-flesh. It would stack if possible. Yes, yes, I keep human flesh on hand. :innocent:

Apparently the chair thing still happens. US3 PVE

*The most common reason I sit in a chair is when my player is crafting a large number of items in hand. Often, but not always, I am overencumbered when seated. So this bug may be somehow related to encumbrance, but it still seems completely random to me.


Although the server listing does not populate for me (a game-wide issue today), I was able to connect and play using the direct connect function. The server itself seems to be functioning as normal.

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I still think this is the right move to make. Maybe not as large of a buff as I said elsewhere on the forums, but it would be nice to test, at least to see if we’re wrong or right. Maybe add 100 to the base HP, or make it scale differently from 100 minimum to 750 maximum. I don’t know what the proper balance should be, but it would be nice to test.

I found old threads discussing a “stopped healing when cripple wears off” bug, but I don’t see anything recent about it so I’m guessing it’s something that was fixed before I started playing. I think this bug has resurfaced. Seeking confirmation, please.

Why am I being damaged by noxious gas when I have my godbreaker or sandmask head on?

Why is it that I have to kill myself just to ensure the gas resistance is working, or equip non gas resistant helms then re-equip gas helms for the buff to work? Or leave the area?

If I take my sandstone mask off then on again in a noxious area the buff isn’t giving me protection. This has been happening for a while but it’s still not dealt with? This looks to be a very simple fix though?

Can someone not just run the gas damage through a boolean first to check if the player has the buff on before inflicting the damage??? Just can’t see this one taking more than a few minutes to sort lol

I think the new horse following distance (screencap) is perfect. Thank you for the change.

I haven’t encountered that scenario. What I think is annoying is if you equip the mask while standing in gas (also screencap), you will stop taking damage but the debuff still tries to stack and the green fog around the screen edge still remains. The only way to stop it is to exit the gas area.

I really start to thinking to leave this game forever… everytime more bugged than before… with the last update, falling damage is gone. Now people can make 1 kilometer height tower and jump without any damage, also riding an horse.

Destiny of this game is only poo in this way… players are tired… really tired…

I agree. Thanks bbtech. I am not sure what would be the ideal number either. I generally prefer to pitch the ideas to Funcom, and then leave the numbers game and finer details to them. However, I will make a point on this one. Currently our Vitality raises by 8 hp for each ‘tick’ we invest into Vitality. I suggest as a starter that we raise this from 8 hp/tick up to 10 hp per tick. This will mean that if we invest up to Vitality 30: the ‘fierce vitality’ perk (as most players do), we will go from having 440 hp, up to 500 hp even. To me personally that does not seem too excessive, but by the same token it will go such a long way in helping some of us.

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It doesn’t sound too excessive to me either, but I know some of the PvP crowd has mentioned in the past they are working with a more delicate balance. Hopefully one of them can weigh in on this topic. Using the method you suggested, at 10 HP per attribute point, it would scale from 200 to 700 HP, with 500 being the point I think many players will stop - seeking the passive health regen. What if we shift that passive regen perk by 50 HP. Make the scale range from 150 to 650. Instead of having the original 440HP at that point, there would be 450HP, almost identical. So it preserves the pivot point, and the larger differences are seen towards the low and high ends of the scale for those who do or do not invest points into Vitality.

It may be a matter of playstyle, but the way I often make my build is to put 31 points into Vit. That gives me the passive regen perk, and if I need to fight a boss and “tank up”, I can equip a set of vitality buff armor to reach 40 points for the next perk and increased HP. With either method, I would still see impressive gains to HP when I needed them. We’re playing with a fine balance here. The perfect system allows the player to feel challenged but not overwhelmed. I personally don’t care if the thrall is the hero or the player is the hero, but Funcom have said the player should be the hero. To do that, I think a larger HP pool is required so they’re not running around in circles trying to heal while the thrall does everything. The player needs to feel empowered without feeling OP.

New Patch is out!