Testlive Patch (15.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

The Combat Testlive US3 is Invalid in the list.

PS: Conan Exiles Testlive Client

I almost want to buy on PC just for testlive!

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Anyone found entrance to The Warmaker’s Sanctuary?

All testlive servers show up as invalid version and I’m running test live client.

Even my own testlive server shows up as invalid after this patch.

There is no point for a Solo/Co-op (single player) to bother testing this patch, yes?

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I wouldn’t underestimate the overpowered nature of a well geared Berserker, Bandit Leader, Captain, or named Volcano thrall.

That said I’d like to know if it does indeed take more than just that, since thralls allow all content to be done solo and it would be nice to see a legit group focused activity in the game

Category: BUG
Server: Offline/No Modifications
Region: EU

Lifeblood Spear gives no health regeneration when being wilded.

Steps on how to reproduce:

  1. Equipe Lifeblood Spear
  2. Take Spear in your hand when health is less than 100%

EDIT: In current live version it says “This spear has an aura of foul magic that strips ones vitality in favor of a regeneration effect”, but on Test Live it tells “This spear has an aura of foul magic grants a regeneration effect”. If you draw it on live, you get a healing buff but no reduction in your overall health. Now on Test Live you get no effect as all. My assumption is, that the description was changed to met the current behavior on live build but that something has gone wrong with the weapon itself?

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This seems like a really bad idea. Depending on your health or level they could go being the end of the world to barely noticeable. Why not just put them at a reasonable percent per tick then have each point in survival reduce the damage of that tick.

This look promising, but the 30 Srv perk should still be looked at.

This definitely needs clarification.

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maybe it´s King´s Niche but there is nothing at the moment, take a look at justhorse video…the entrance looks like Niche

That is IF a solo player can knock out a thrall of power. Most cases, they cannot as the thrall either leaves with the end of the purge or is killed.

I do not share your excitement as I have seen too many adjustments and new content focused toward groups. This game has a solo mode and it should not be ignored.


The way it is written, it is going to hurt newbs when they start “heading north”

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xbox controller not working on latest test client

That’s what I was thinking. For newbies, going to the mountains sounds like a death sentence, but high levels will be able to ignore the mechanic almost entirely.

Players want to have the temperatures be manageable (while being able to wear a style of clothing that fits their RP - such as adding fur and a cape to Red Sonja’s bikini armor to make it wearable in the snow in the comics and such). They aren’t asking for the temperature mechanics to be completely invalidated.


I knocked all mine out solo. Even a level 2 fighter with a truncheon will put the hurt on a powerful t4 thrall, especially if you support it. Just about everything in this game can be done solo so long as you don’t mind putting in the work to get a descent thrall, which is absolutely doable and does not require the purge


While I am not excited about Solo/Co-op mode being ignored, even forgotten, in this path, I can spend some of my game time testing the temp changes with a newb character. I wonder if the end-gamer and groupers will even consider testing this feature as a newb or low level.

(Feeling hostile at the moment as the last dungeon was too difficult for Solo/Co-op mode players and this one shuts them out completely.)

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SPOILER: Entrance to new dungeon is Klaels Stronghold


While we are looking at survival tree, acc needs some love as does bows overall, way too often do arrows not even shoot despite a full hold and javelins are pretty worthless when they just dissappear after being thrown. Also now that survival lowers debuff duration perk 4 looks even less promising because by the time you reach it debuffs should already be low

Weapons balance, Kudos FC! Keep’em comming!

Thank you for the QOL changes. Is console admins getting any love soon in terms of admin controls or is that a lost cause? (Many many threads on here,reddit, FB about it but nothin seems to be happening).

For everyone wondering: The Warmaker dungeon is in Klael’s Stronghold; you know next to the random obelisk next to the Shattered Springs? The stronghold owned by WARMAKER Klael?