Testlive Patch (21.12.2018) - Purge Fixes and Building Optimizations

Good catch. This one can pop up occasionally.

throwing axe cripple status effect only shows up over human npc hp bar, not animals, and it creates a new symbol everytime instead of cripple stack. Also status effects stacks on humans in general are still very small font size.

Also the quickloot menu is a bit buggy, it highlights everything when you try to scroll through it

Bug or intended? Mulled Brew and Century Egg now have expiration timers. They did not before.

Bug or intended? When I turn music slider to minimum, I can still faintly hear it playing. Also, the interface sounds can faintly be heard if all volume sliders are at the minimum. There should be a check box to completely disable these sounds if the sliders will only reduce sound. Some folks disable certain sounds to increase performance, or in my case, I need to listen to new music, after 4 weeks of CE soundtrack.

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Can you please put something in the game so the boss creatures can be killed solo? I know, I know, you can already kill them solo now – but poking and dodging for 30 minutes is not fun.

And I’m sure you could code so that the boss creature’s HP dynamically changes if another player hits it or even gets close to it. WoW already does this.

And I know there are mods for single player that address this, but I play online. It’s just that I play on very low pop servers where there is rarely anyone else on. (Most players built their stuff and have stopped playing.)

Please consider implementing this as it’s the number one issue I have with the game. You reach max level and realize you’re done because you can’t kill any of the bosses sanely.


For now get pet or thrall with you, cats for bleed Wich IS nice to stack with spear, or somone with sunder, altrought t3 thrall from volcano with 4k HP with teliths sorrow is more than +250 dmg before reductions, i know Ai is some times weird but its ať least something, also Maybe add this in suggestions, its test live thread

Btw Lotus queen with best weapons can be done Under 10 min solo xD

FYI: Testlive_US3_PVE crashed or something, and is no longer letting people login.

only 4 thralls will attack the same target, that’s nothing new or wrong.

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Did anyone get a purge to see how it went?

Experienced some crashes of the game recently. I didn’t have any problems with crashes before, everything ran smoothly, so here is how it went.
I decided to get some brimstone, to I went over to Sinner’s Refuge, I fought the three exiles at the cave entrance, then suddenly: freeze frame, had to restart the game. Entered the game again, first thing I noticed that the pet hyena I had with me wasn’t there anymore. Didn’t really care about that and fought the three exiles again: during the fight, freeze frame again.
I remember that a rock sometimes dropped from the top of the cliffs above the cave, could it have something to do with that? Will try to enter the cave once again today and see how it works out.

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Is that intentional? I feel all your thralls should be put to use.

It may not be new (thralls are pretty dumb overall) but it’s still wrong IMO.

Yes. I got a purge. I used to only get them at my main base, but last night I had one at my lava fort. It went really well. Got a notice they were scouting, then another saying they were attacking, then seconds later that they were defeated. I didn’t even know about purge map markers, so I had no idea where this was going down. I used my map to jump between bases and when I finally got to the lava base, I was able to see the attack location, thanks to a visual bug, where bodies first appear standing. I saw an army of people standing in the lava near my base and then a second later, they all dropped to the ground.

When I got close to see the carnage, I was impressed at how far through the lava some of them managed to get. Some had almost waded through to my side of a really wide lava river. Not sure how. Maybe AI doesn’t feel pain and they were walking on little burned off nubby legs. Or (I like this one best) they have giant DNA, from the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Remember Saltheart Foamfollower?

So now I realize I’ll have to rethink my lava base and try making it more accessible for capturing purge thralls.

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Can I get a hallelujah? :partying_face:

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When I agro a mob, I have thralls up to 30 meters away respond to the threat. If they can exit the building they are stationed in, they will respond. It is like poking a stick in a hornets nest. The 4 closest ones might get you as you run away, but the rest are close behind.

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I had crashes as you described at sinners refuge, at first I though it was solved by reinstalling video card driver but then it happened again. Must. E related to thw fix for construction under the map mesh.

Yes, of course, they will run to the fight, but only 4 will enter combat at the same time. If one is killed, an other one will jump in, but still only 4 for 1 target.


Thrall following seems buggy. They seem to follow for a little bit and then stop. I have to keep looking behind me to see if they are still close and then go back to find them. then all of a sudden they will just appear next to me. This is just running over flat land.

I have noticed this but the strangest thing for me is a 5th or a 6th will enter into combat if they are an archer as I have 3 fighters and 3 archers.

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Vattende is correct, only 4 will surround a target, any other melee fighter will standby nearby. You’ll also notice that as they take damage, they’ll do a bit of tag team and swap out to give the injured thrall time to heal up. In addition to the 4 frontline fighters, EVERY other range thrall within sight will shoot. This is normal and has been a thing for a long time.

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I dont see you fix the pve base breaking bug and i dont see you do anything about the exploiters either. any plans on either of those or rip offical servers ?