Testlive Patch (24.02.2020) - Additional fixes and fine-tuning

For the record, I’m liking the posts and it’s happened to me with the separate TestLive client, and an external drive.

another account, another computer
main client, beta - testlive

on play, no launcher, directly to game interface, online immediately found EU2 testilve server (odd, no launcher)

The note has been clarified to specify which instance has been fixed. Previous one was misleading. It now reads:



doesn’t allow you to summon a follower. You have to have an actual claim and bedrolls don’t give you any.

Interesting. Perhaps it is because the game views them as a temporary placeable which is easily superseeded. Thanks CodeMage.


Which means if i am in my base, i can rescue the thrall from the dungeon, sans gear and anything else on it.

I suspected that may have been the case WMHB. The idea/motive behind this inquiry is that if myself and others died in a dungeon, my thrall wont die also while I am trying to make my way back to him. I would still lose my gear either way, but at least I wouldnt have to replace the thrall too.

@Shadoza and Narelle

What happens if I drop a couple stone foundations? That would produce a land claim, yes?

Just tried with a single sandstone foundation. It was sufficient to allow me to rescue the thrall at that location.

I honestly did not think of that. I have never tried, or for that matter wanted to place/build anything in a dungeon aside from a Bedroll. Im not one to cheese AI, and prefer a straight up challenging battle. It would seem that you have both come up with a nice workaround for me (well for most of them anyway). Thanks for the information peoples.

PS- the old thread closed before I could reply.

You can now rescue them remotely so the land claim issue is not such a problem anymore. With the previous patch you could only rescue if the thrall/pet was within rendering distance and you had a land claim which obviously was inconvenient. Now the distance doesn’t matter. You can “summon” your butt naked thrall from your base regardless where they are located currently. However, you have a global cooldown which doesn’t allow you to “summon” for 10 mins after you or any of your thralls has taken damage. Now, I don’t know whether this is indented or not and whether my test was accurate or not. More people need to re-confirm.

This is the intended behavior, as we mentioned in our previous patch.

If this wasn’t the case in the previous patch it means it was not correctly implemented in the old build. Nevertheless, it is an intended feature. It can also be modified with the following ini setting (under Serversettings.ini):
Where x is measured in seconds.

Thanks for the update.

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I think you can use the rescue action for that, although with a few caveats:

  • You’ll still have to replace your thrall’s gear, but not the thrall itself.
  • It won’t work if someone else goes into the part of the dungeon where your thrall is.

The latter because of the 10 minute(!) cooldown timer. You know that question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” In Conan Exiles, it doesn’t even fall at all :wink:

If nobody is in the vicinity of your thrall, then the server should (theoretically) stop simulating that part of the game and your thrall should be safe because it’s not being mauled by the enemies. But if there is at least one player there, then the game will reset the 10 minute timer every time your thrall receives damage.

It looks like there’s some confusion here. You don’t need to place a bedroll or foundations inside a dungeon. The “rescue” action won’t work if you, the player, are not standing within your own claim. In your example, if you died in the dungeon and your thrall is stuck there, you can respawn at your bed inside your base and (10 minutes later) rescue the thrall.

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Ignasis, what I mean is that it appears that any thrall engaged in combat will prevent you from using the rescue function for a thrall which is not engaged in combat. For example, I went with god mod cloaked and dropped a thrall to fight a crocodile. Then I attempted to rescue another thrall which was on the other end of the map and I couldn’t even though neither the thrall I was attempting to rescue nor my character have taken damage. I will have to re-test if anything has changed post update. Imagine now having 100 thralls and 10 clan members on the map. All 100 thralls and 10 people need to be out of combat for 10 mins in order for you to be able to use the rescue command. The damage cooldown should only consider your character and the thrall you are attempting to rescue. The global clan cooldown of 1h after a successful rescue is fine as it is.


Wait a minute these effects are intended? Seems out of balance to me, unless there is a piece of armor that can be worn to counter that kind of attack. Do I need to start searching?

I haven;t tested. But the “bug” was once you were hit with it, yo could not get buffs unless you logged of and then back on. The way i think it is intended is you can rebuff after being hit immediately if you have some of the fish on you. Again, these weapons are relatively weak in dmg and AP%, so carrying them only will help if you are trying to debuff. IF the other player has set up his Atts right, then they will still have better set up on their wheel. I believe it also removes your own buffs, thus you are removing the “steroids” from the fight. Again a tactic. If i do my build knowing i will be without buffs, but you aren’t prepared for it, then i should be rewarded for going non meta. But if you prepare for it, then i push you to fight in something you aren’t comfortable in stat wise. It is strategy sorely missing from the combat. IF the LBS would work in some way after you hit someone instead of just a passive regen (the OG one here), then i would be all for it as well. Make legendaries work as a way to build my character and fighting style unique is all i am asking and hoping for.


I know. I was replying to @Croms_Faithful. He’s the one who suggested that.

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I haven’t been able to get on my server for the last hour on the PS. Is this due to a patch or just a problem because I have had problems logging in and out all day

PS, as in PlayStation 4? If so, then it’s got nothing to do with this patch. TestLive patches are only applied to TestLive servers and are only available on PC.


The patch was only for TestLive PC (test servers). It is a different client from the one you use to log in “live” and not available for consoles so your server issue is not related to the current patch.

EDIT: oh, I was too busy typing. I did’t see that CodeMage replied already but anyway, you have the answer twice now.

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I can also confirm this error too.
Its best to make a fresh topic on this situation.

Any fix for the buggy sandstorms? I get one without fail a few minutes after I load the client. I can exit to main menu and load the game again and I’ll get one. They’re very annoying.

This effect wasn’t strategic, it was just you being a jerk in pvp, looked down upon by a lot of people

прошло 19 часов, а вы так и не можете решить проблему? насколько же вы там обленились то капец…



@Ozen Do you use?