Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

Agreed, this is a QoL improvement that has been needed for ever on CE.

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For #1, remember the avatars are not the actual gods, so lore wise they can play around a bit. Conan says that man has bastardized the idea of the gods, thus they are cult followings and not supposed to be story driven.


Massive QoL boost there. Buy a nice bottle of wine for the person that thought that one up!


You guys and gals are freaking amazing. Keep up the awesome work! You have given my partner and I something to look forward to consistently for the past few months. Thank you!


the khari steal is i in the wells in the new area

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That’s great!


set antidote says whats up

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Happens to me everytime the game gets patched :smiley:

Idk why though

Best update ever in regards to adding server transfers as now people no longer have to worry about their server dying to cheaters when they can simply move or attack across servers and being able to transfer items makes the wars so much more.

I did not thought of seeing it happen on testlive. The mods i have for private servers should not affect testlive, right? From my experience the .pak error is caused by corrupted mods/not updated mods.

I run verify after each patch aswell, i do it for my own good to avoid frustration later on :))))

.pak error is related to corrupted .pak
basegame use them as well it’s a UE format
it’s usually steam fault


So, the changes being made to the Siptah map in general seem great. Glad to see undermeshing problems getting fixed too…

I’m not a large fan of many of the balance and mechanics changes. Some of them seem odd and curious. The only one that made a lot of sense to me was the ambrosia nerf, as it needed one desperately.

  • Being able to attack and not drain stamina makes it like… a slower version of walking? That ruins builds with water features from a defensive standpoint. Not clear on why this changed.

  • Did the short sword really need a buff? Maybe a little, but I never found it uncompetitive. 100% pen (I am hoping you mean double the pen, and not just a flat 100%) and 43% more damage seem extreme. Particularly when you have the underperforming mace. :frowning:

  • Decoupling armor class and the dodge roll completely invalidates any armor other than heavy. Weight can easily be managed. I find this to be the most baffling change. If any change doesn’t make it into live, I hope it is this one.

  • I haven’t found bows that good for a long time anyway, but now they’re significantly worse. I’m sorry for you poor poor archer types. This is brutal on you. This is also on my top -do not want-s list. Esp. since anyone with bows in their mod is going to have a rough time fixing this.

  • After this change, mounted combat is basically not a thing. You attack too slow, you have no fine maneuverability, and there’s no bonus for damage for you any more.

  • Ambrosia/flesh needed to be reworked. Strange choice though on how, though. I figured it could work something like aloe did, with a decent heal and fills food and water. But perhaps this is best.

  • To end on a positive note: You can now interact with doors, gates and other items while mounted.


Anyway, love you guys over there, and hope you dramatically change some of this stuff before it goes live. Cheers.

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Well, since you can get out of animation lock with the roll only then, I think it’s costly to run heavy armor, since the dodge roll takes so much stamina (3 effective rolls, 4 until out of stamina).

Yes, armor reduction kits should remove armor next to weight. Or reduce weight reduction. It’s far too OP right now.

Shortsword? Seeing as the only options for it is Iron until star metal, I think it’s safe to let it be buffed.

You put the 7th shrine on the 7th crest. :wink:


I think we discovered the priest and religion for the marriage of 7 brides to 7 brothers.


Yea, almost every religion has something useful for PvP. Currently Ambro and Set pots are the two best. After this patch, Ambro will become the worst.

Sure they can do that but so can u too, on ark small tribes hide on empty servers to build up otherwise they cant grow on the active ones and offcial pvp is dying because there is no transfers which means once you become the alpha on yo server and everyone leaves u got nothin to do but either quit or start from scratch on new server which is dumb.

I haven’t played Ark myself but I have a bunch of mates who did. Yeah, they liked they didn’t have to start all over on a new server, but server migrating zergs was still one of the things they hated most in the game.

I’m sure the time it takes before anything is done about exploits and the amount of random changes nobody asked for is a way bigger reason for people leaving the game than no server transfer.

We changed servers a bunch of times for different reasons and usually it just means some people take a couple of days break while the rest get us started on the new server. Nobody I played with ever quit the game because of a server change.

Most serious pvp players aren’t attached to things and can level up in a couple of days (f they slack). Compared to being wiped and having to start over it’s really not that much different to also have to level up.

I personally hate levelling in an end-game centric game, but it’s not that bad in Conan and it’s a kinda fun little competition with your clanmates).

I think that there is no teacher on Siptah, only priests can be found. I am very sure that you can find and loot the recipe “Tapestry of Zath” on death NPC’s