Testlive Update (24.08.2018) - Pet system changes and additional fixes

Yes. I put a dead boar and a dead rhino in the press and received hide, horns, bones, and blood.

I cannot cause myself to put the poor kitty in there.

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You could make a pet cemetery. A nice area for them to Rest In Peace say with planters as coffins.

We all want it.
We must have it.


The new combat animations are pretty great. Shield bashes are immensely satisfying. Haven’t had a chance to try the pet system or new arrows as I was stupid and forgot I had a mod installed that edits the feat menu so the feats didn’t show up.

Also, I love you funcom for making shaped wood give bark as a byproduct. It’s only 1 piece per plank of wood, sure, but every little bit helps.

Im a returning play and I’m so happy to see taming added and this game so much more active then Ark!

I would also like to know the release date of the taming if possible. And maybe a video to support all this since I’m kind of confused.


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Release date is “When it’s ready” The pet system is only in Testlive, I don’t think it’ll be too long.

Info on the pet system can be seen here:

And further clarification here:

Welcome back

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! We’re compiling it to give it to the dev team. Personally, I’m really happy to hear that you like the changes we implemented. Your bug reports have also been registered.

There are, apparently, 101 uses for a dead cat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101_Uses_for_a_Dead_Cat

What you actually should do with dead animals is place them in the Fluid Press and you get resources back.

Beehives still require worker bees and queens to generate honey. 1 worker bee will give you 2 honey.

Seeing the animals inside the pens isn’t implemented yet, but it’s coming.

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Don’t forget to thank them for their loyal service and friendship while your crunch their carcasses!


What makes this even more funny is the fact that I always have lobster on my hot bar :joy:

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Same! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to take my wife out for seafood because she saw me playing CE… and the cooked lobster does look rather tasty doesn’t it!

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Bug report
Server: local server Testlive (24.08.2018)

Platform: PC

Issue: Small Wells are broken … again

Summery: The small wells no longer fill up after logging out

Steps to reproduce:

  • Spawn or craft a small well and place it
  • log off than on again.
  • try and use the well.

Additional Info or Suggestion:
Since the well has no inventory slots and is expensive to keep crafting
I would like to suggest that the small well should be able to be picked up like the map room so when the well stops working we can just pick up and replace it to get it going again.


I found that putrid meat in thrall inventory is treated as normal food and makes the decay time longer. I think it is a bug.

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Denzel, Switch to testlive in steam, there are several official PVP and PVE servers running the testlive version. FYI testlive official is set to 5x.

Hi Jens, I see the server has not been restarted(again), can you please take care of that please? Can you also give an ETA on a hotfix so that we can leave the new dungeon and start testing that? In return I’ll provide you the steps to glitch a guarantee T4 thrall :wink:


The pvp servers are at 5x gather and 3x xp but the pve is set to 3x xp and only 1x gather. :expressionless:

Skinny, Enyo, question from above for either or both of you re PVP Hours. When your server is set to allow PVP during only the hours of whatever to whenever, are defensive thralls supposed to be passive outside of these hours?

In pvp the thralls are aggressive 24/7. I found corpses around my base where my thralls had fended off looters before they got “nuked from the sky” during the first pet patch.

Those PVP hours are only for building damage, not player damage. PVP is on 24h, but building damage varies according to the region played

If you look under Server in the Settings Menu, you’ll see there’s a PVP Building Damage (Raid Window) setting and a PVP Allowed (PVP Hours) setting. That’s not verbatim, but there are two settings. I reckon the PVP Hours are useful for people who want time not getting their heads cracked.