Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

So anybody else’s thralls AI just take a massive nosedive on testlive? I swear even with maxed authority he’s just standing there like Charles Barkley looking at me fight like “This was a turrible idea…”

On one of the public test servers? Absolutely. The poor performance is causing most AI to shut down. That’s lag based, not the update itself causing it

Actually it’s worse on my SP test. Broham just sits there flexing with his Auth-buffed stats while I’m getting jumped like I’m wearing a red adidas tracksuit in the middle of crips territory.

It depends. Most of them seem alright so far in my SP game though I do have to confiscate any shields people may have else they get all stupid on me. I’ve got Tarman running with me right now and he, thankfully, is good about doing full axe chains.

My hyena always stops attacking stuff a couple minutes after setting out. Just stands there. That’s happened for a good while however and wasn’t anything new brought about by the update.


So you guys done yet? I’m really wanting to get my hands on this.

Also is there any word on how Crom Coins will be purchased on the consoles? Will they be in the console stores or will FC sell them directly?


I know atleast on xbox it will be in console stores, ms has to have thier cut

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probably on PC it will be sold by the store itself, like steam or epic of crom coins

NO! I’m still having way too much fun leveling.

Plus I say this to it every time I sign on:



Are Bearer III’s a good option to counter zombies? The t3 I got in Sepermeru gets over 200 health per vitality point and is a fast leveler.

Not even close to done! From stuff spawning halfway underground to finding climbing surfaces where I sink halfway into the wall and issues with my thralls pointing and laughing at me soloing 5 mobs (even though I’m maxed authority so one would think they’d help), believe me…there’s still PLENTY that needs fixin’ before this goes live.

Added new entry under the changelog:

This seems to be many loot drops too. Does it count things you killed as ‘yours’? Because it’s pretty annoying to not be able to loot all on your kills.


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Queria saber se vão arrumar esse bug visual e de movimento aqui

Suggestion on damage modifiers: Purge thralls should have more in damage modifiers than characters that are guaranteed spawns in game. Also, Archers should have more ranged modifier than fighters do. Currently, on testlive, the Cimmerian Berserker has the most damage modifier in both melee and ranged, from what I have tested. My test did include some purge only thralls from the Cimmerian Purges.

Relic Hunter Treasuer Seeker Fightres currently have more ranged damage modifier than the Archers do.

It would be great to see Purge thralls be a notch above the rest, since they are so extremely rare in comparison.


The lightning storm does damage to items/thralls that are inside an enclosed building… this could get ugly.


Português PT-BR

Vou conferir isso… Obrigado :slight_smile:

My Watcher Items are also inaccessible and have been for some time. Extremely annoying. Get it together and get this fixed FC.


About the battle pass and items that can only be claimed by one character, one time. For consumables, I get it. But for all other items I do not. What happens if I change servers? What happens if I roll a new character? I lose items I spent time (and possibly money) playing for? Are these items NOT account bound? I base this question off what was said in this video:

Some clarification from FC would be appreciated.


Okay so I feel a tad stupid:

My Thaumbench keeps allowing me to research using sorc-notes, spoiled meat, and rocks. My son says this isn’t intended. Is he right?