Testlive_US3_PVE - Chests/Wooden Box Bug

The chests/boxes in Sepermeru seemed to be bugged.

When interacting with them most of them will not open the lid and does not provide loot.

I have been the only one on the server so it is not an instance of trying to loot a box that was just looted.

I see the same thing. Probably needs a server reboot. Been this way for at least 2 days, which is how long I’ve been visiting Sepermeru. Has the server had a reboot in that time?

I have no idea. All I know is three days ago I was able to loot those chests/boxes. The last two days…nothing. I actually had to mine for ironstone and brimstone to make iron and steel… what gives? LOL

I’ve also noticed that when I knock out thralls, they will remain unconscious indefinitely now. I am running past thralls right now that I clubbed yesterday. I’ve also run past a couple small NPC camps that have not respawned NPCs for a couple days.

i havent been able to log on for the last two days, i get a fatal error. :frowning:

oh dang. I’ve not had that error lately. Been getting in just fine for last couple days. 3 days ago, I did get booted and server looked to be offline for an hour or 2.

Yesterday (22-Jan-2019) the chests of gold/silver near the Liberty began glitching with no loot.

It is a moot point right now as I cannot even connect to the server. :roll_eyes:

After yesterday’s reboot, the chests/wooden boxes were functioning for the first run on the loot. Since that first looting, the chests/wooden boxes are glitched again and not yielding any loot or even showing the lids lifting.

Currently I am referring to the chest in Sepermeru.

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