Tethering not working with AoC anymore?

Do you guys know if tethering is supported anymore by AoC? I used to play it with no issues, now I tried to use tethering through my cell phone and it say can’t login. Even when I try with VPN I can login then if I wanna change zone it kicks me out. Any tips / advice greatly appreciated.
P.s my data speed it’s around 50-80mbps, my internet speed home 20-40mbps.

maybe ram spilled

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I was the whole last month up on a mountain lodge w/o any internet connection and played the game with tethering through my cell phone w/o problems. I had the one or the other disconnection but it was mostly because of the cell phone signal i had.

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It works fine but many providers filter some traffic when tethering. Sometimes they even filter VPN traffic though it’s always possible to work around it… but it gets complicated.

If you really have a good signal then you should contact your provider and try reach someone knowledgeable. Shouldn’t be hard to convince them to unfilter gaming traffic (it uses almost no bandwidth).


was about to say the same thing Biglouis just posted ! the issue is probably with your provider.

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That’s strange, that’s why I asked you guys before I call them. I wanted to make sure it’s my connection and not FC. I’ll call and see what they come up with. Thanks for advice.

I finally found out the reason I was getting disconnected. For anybody that uses tethering, make sure your wifi on your phone it’s off(no brainer right :slight_smile: well… even tough I knew that my note 5 was disabling the wifi as soon as my tethering was turned on… for no reason my note 9 doesn’t disable the wifi when tethering is on. Anyway just a heads up if anybody ends up having issues while tethering. Cheers