Thank you Funcom, for increasing Grrr Legbiter spawn. *salute*

I just got Legbiter after just 4 hours of continuous camping, and many named armorers spawned at the Sandswept/Drifter spots in one sitting. I donnoh if it was just luck, or the new settings made them more common. But it felt just right.

So I salut you Funcom :slight_smile: Thanks for opening up content and making it less grindy.

I now officially own all available armorers, save for one who can make zingaran set, but I guess that one’s purge territory, which will be my next big project :slight_smile:

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Agreed, nice to see him finally in the game…6 months after the jungle was released. Though thats better the Bjorn in Asagarth and Werk in Mounds of the Dead…those were afk for almost a year!

You forgot the “e” in salute. It looks like you are calling fucom a salut :rofl: I misspelled too but I’m leaving it because its funny as hell.

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Was he in his usual spot or somewhere new?

He has at least 3 new spots for sure. Possibly more.

He spawned at his usual spot with the amazing view. Zavek and Chelkus spawned on the same day.
The other 3 spawn spots kinda suck… especially the one at the river delta where there are 4 gators and 2 thralls… they often get killed before you even had a chance to knockém.

… No words.
I spent about a month trying to get a slave who could not be got? Thank you… From the heart…

P.S. Could you mark where it appears on the map? Thank you.

The rate was just very low plus an additional little hiccup on top of that. :slight_smile:


… and what might their locations be?

He has a chance now at any exile bonfire along the river, if the camp has 3 spawns at it. It’s still an uphill battle as these camps dedicate one of the 3 as Artisan and that spawn will be random Tier 1 to 4, Carpenter, Dancer, Smelter, Tanner, Cook, Armorer, Blacksmith. I circuit 5 of the possible camps and will see days where multiple named pop up. Other days, none at all and I have yet to see a Legbiter and as with the original Sandswept ruins, no Alchemists spawn in these new locations.

It does make Exile thralls a valid part of the game and is incentive to establish on the starting river.

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5? I’ve found 3 new camps, 2 at the river delta, 1 on the island just opposite the delta. All the other exile camps I have investigated seem unchanged. Perhaps the one near the mounds of the dead or the one next to the mitra-brimstone cave might be options?

All camps pretty much from Abyssal Ruins to sandswept ruins as long as there are 3 NPCs on a Bonfire now spawn named Artisans. There are several camps with 2 NPCs and they haven’t really changed but my rotation starts at the Sentinel map point and goes to the Yog religion trainer and I’ve gotten named Carpenters, Armorers, Blacksmiths and Dancers. Where before we didn’t get artisans, any artisans.


Cool, I’ll have to check it out once I finish this Tier 4 Thrall 100% mod update. Thanks for the scout report

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