Thank you, Funcom

Such tournaments are held in the game’s only major PVP community. Battle of macros. Thank you, Funcom for the dead pvp.


who plays this game for pvp? The games building and pve system is amazing and unappreciated. Plus all the complaints, whining, reports for ddos / hacking / exploits / meanies all comes from pvp realms. If anything the pvp community is killing the pvp community.


That looks like fun…not. The amount of exploiting game systems and cheating just to get an edge in pvp is absurd.


Macros are illegal in Conan? Just to know, because I hope horse haters dont espect when they will nerfed they gonna kill all noobs easily? All noobs will reject horses and will write macros (or copy from other players) so the number will still matter too much.

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The old roll and poke, skillset = zero. But nerf anything that isnt that.

It’s a shame that all this is supported and distributed among the PVP community. And even more people leave the game when they see all this дерьмо.


I will use macros too much to make the problem noticeable and start working on its elimination!


The first is know if macros are legal on Conan or not, as I said a lot of times there is always going to be a mechanic that doesn’t require months of training to be effective in pvp, be it horses, macros, new attacks or whatever, I think people should take it on and just adapt.

I think that “democratizing” the pvp is good (for the majority, the few players who consider themselves “elite” will always cry) , as was said “God made men different but horses/macros/imba mechanics equaled them” XD


This is why I would just forget about pvp. There is always going to be the hot new thing that people exploit/overuse and it just means more forum rhee. I’d like to just see the statement “pvp at your own risk, no effort will be made any longer to balance it”.

As much as i love the game, i must admit state of pvp feels quite bitter lately, lot of improvements to the game, but also more exploits and bug abusers.

I still have hope for the future though, but as is it right now, i’d rather observe than be part of it.


Isn’t that part of pvp :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


hahaha this community.

Can really tell who the pvers are on this forum.

Also reading this thread i just learned that animation cancelling = macros and cheating.

I feel like i need to edit this before you noobs try to tell me im wrong.

All he’s doing is press light attack then double pressing v which pulls out his throwing axe then puts it away. Cancels the animation and lets him spam light attack faster. Anyone can do it and you can do it to cancel any animation.

… The fact you people sit on these forums on your high horses and don’t even know basic game mechanics is incredible

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To be fair, my horse is pretty tall.

Especially with all the armour.



Lets take a moment to analyze what you just wrote in your post.

Saying “hahaha this community”, the fact that you did 2 edits and the need to justify an exploit tells me you feel guilty. You’d wish more people would exploit like you, so you don’t feel in the wrong, having to rely on exploits to play pvp.
Next you’ll try to explain how undermeshing, getting 50 all-stats and crashing the server is just basic game mechanics.


Let me ask everyone here. How do you ban macros? That’s a rhetorical question.

Here’s the fact of the matter. You can’t. Those things are on the hardware. But I’m going to make this statement. The OP knows that and made a thread of slander. He lied, badly to blame Funcom for an issue created by mouse and keyboard manufacturers.

So why are you lying OP? Explain that?


If you guys are calling animation cancelling cheating and you’re NOT doing it in PvE too… you don’t play the game at all. Your thralls and horses do it for you.

There is no need to use macros to do anything that was performed in this video, as a couple of others have already stated there are a multitude of ways of animation cancelling, (from throwing axes to ropes).

If by looking at this video you automatically assume cheats, hacks, macros, then unfortunately I have to agree, you really need to experiment more with the game and realise that your lack of knowledge is NOT evidence of macros.

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+1, but if you dont fast/skilled enough you just can write a macro, i think its good chance for novice players to fight ± like experienced ones, like horses.

We know this, they aren’t particularly hard to do. All of them can be performed without macros.

However, some people were jealous that others could do it (legit or not)
This caused everyone and their grandmother to start using macros (openly admitting to it in discord so that they can keep up with the competition)

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Except for purge I really don’t use thralls much I just do the pve mostly but I do use them such as fighters because I don’t want to lose stuff when going into certain dungeons or areas to collect and store heavy loot or items on them to keep it …mainly dragons bone, certain armor, etc but no I don’t use animation canceling intentionally as I can go for potions instead hit another weapons or unequipe my sheild :laughing: but I know how to play without thralls