The 11 Sacred Weapons of Hwanung

Ji Pang-Ee - Level 60 2HB 72.6 DPS ( 84-111 ) +88 Strength +35 Constitution +225 Mana Reward from: Ung-Nye, Ymir’s Pass, NW camp

Cutting south through the pass to Ymir’s, where you can knock out both Ung-Nye’s quest [228,687] and the quest given to you by Geo Boogi in Khemi.

^^^^ This NPC isn’t on Saga server?

I cannot complete this quest because Ung-Nye is missing? Am I wrong? I’ve been looking for 3 hours tonight and I probably hate Ymir’s pass more then anything lol.

Nevermind, of course right after I post this I find. :stuck_out_tongue:

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