The Advisors of Rubi-Ka - General Information & FAQ


The Advisors of Rubi-Ka (also known as ARK) are a group of player volunteers who have answered the call of duty and stepped up to help the Anarchy Online community in a variety of different areas.


The Admin Team of ARK is responsible for all internal affairs, overseeing the rules and structure of the volunteer program as a whole.

ARK Lead Director: Asheal
ARK Assistant Lead Director: Wenetia

Directors Team

Our Directors Team serves as a communications hub for internal issues, as well as offering guidance to newer ARKs and structuring the day-to-day morale of the program as a whole. The ARK Academy team also serves as a subset of the Directors Team, responsible for the training and overseeing of all new volunteers to the program.

This team is made up of the Team Directors as well as the Admin Team:

Bug Hunters

Responsible for the Testlive environment and for helping us track down various issues with the game, the Bug Hunters Team is one of our best lines of defense against any issues which may creep their way into the game. Bug Hunters routinely aid the development team and customer service staff by tracking down and rooting out issues with the game on our test servers, helping to ensure the best, smoothest gameplay experience possible.

Bug Hunter Director: Belaroth
Bug Hunter Team:


The Events Team is our personal storytelling squad, whose knowledge of the game world and setting enables them to create amazing roleplaying opportunities for players both in-game and out. Responsible for maintaining the day-to-day stories of Rubi-Ka as well as portraying important in-game characters, the Events team has a proud tradition of bringing the setting and story of Anarchy Online to the masses.

Events Director: Mmir
Events Assistant Director: Sywyyn
Events Team:

Community Relations

Our Community Relations team is arguably one of the most visible departments within ARK, and with good reason! Community Relations members are responsible for many facets of our ‘outward face’ to the Anarchy Online public, and fill in roles such as offering weddings, giving guided tours, hosting in-game parties, producing comics and other graphical media, as well as making up the brunt of our forums moderation staff. The Community Relations team wears many hats, all of them vital and important to the day-to-day functions of Anarchy Online.

CR Team:

For more information on the Advisors of Rubi-Ka, its various projects, and information on how to join the program, please visit our public site available at the following link:


The ARK Moderation Team

The ARK Moderation Team is a sub-set of the Community Relations department which helps oversee the Anarchy Online forums on a day-to-day basis. This team is responsible for keeping the boards in working order and serve as our moderation staff.

ARK Moderation Team Lead: Anarrina

If you have a complaint about a moderator (Advisor or Guardian rank)

Please email

If you have a complaint about the Moderator Team Lead

Please email

If you have a complaint about the Community Relations Director/Assistant Director

Please visit, send a PM on the forums to @AndyB, or email


ARK Bug Hunters

The Bug Hunters is a department of the Advisors of Rubi-Ka who labour to locate, identify, and report content within Anarchy Online which may not be Working as Intended™. Members of the ARK Bug Hunters can most commonly be found on the AO TestLive server, where future content is made available to be tested, explored and broken. It is through the efforts of those who frequent the TestLive server that many issues are found and fixed long before they could have disrupted the experiences of players of the Live servers.

With all of that being said, however, there are still many issues which go undetected and make it to the Live servers. While no system will ever be able to resolve all flawed content, it is something we will always strive for. To that end, the ARK Bug Hunters would like to invite anyone willing to aid in our cause of making AO bug-free to come visit the AO TestLive server.

Reporting a Bug

There are a number of methods in which to notify the appropriate parties should a Bug be discovered:

  • Forums Report:
    Bugs: Report a Bug
  • Inform a Green Name on the AO TestLive server.
  • Send a /petition
    Note: Be sure to clearly indicate if you are reporting a Bug or an Exploit.
  • Customer Service Website

Reporting a Possible Exploit

There are two methods to Report a Possible Exploit, whether it is an ongoing situation you see happening on live which you think needs immediate attention, or whether there is something you have heard about and wish to report:

Anarchy Online TestLive Server

The AO TestLive server is where to go in order to test new content before it hits Live. Get a head start on the rest of the AO population by challenging new raid encounters, acquiring new loot, or testing out new game mechanics before anyone else. Throughout the process of trying new AO content, please feel free to provide any feedback or information on bugs/exploits to the appropriate personnel. As an added incentive for reporting issues before they reach Live, players are rewarded with points that may be redeemed for in-game items.

In addition to encountering new content, TestLive also gives players opportunities to speak directly with the various Funcom personnel who frequent the server. Members of the AO Development and Quality Assurance teams have been known to visit TestLive, as well as the ARK Bug Hunters. Be sure to visit ICC and see who is online.

A few quick notes to those who plan to visit TestLive for the first time:

  • ICC is where you will find most of the online population. Please only contact FC/ARK personnel if they are in ICC, otherwise they may be preoccupied.
  • Please chat on Social, not on Global. Global is reserved for FC/ARK announcements.
  • Remember to save early, save often.
  • Feel free to ask any Council of Testers member for buffs, trade-skills, or “Starter Packs.”
  • Visit TestLive on the last Sunday of every month for our monthly GSP party: MMOATP.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the Testlive MOTD and the Testlive Discussion forum to remain aware of any important server information.

Welcome to Testlive

For more information on TestLive and how to get started, please review this thread on the subject. If you would like to learn more about TestLive or the ARK Bug Hunters, please come visit us on TestLive.


Petitions & You

Some helpful tips to make the petition process go smoother:

How to Petition:

To petition you simply type in /petition into the chat bar you use in the game, this will bring up a petition panel you can use.

Got a question?

Don’t just write “I’ve got a question” or “Can you help me”, put your question in the petition!

Lost Items?

If you have lost an item, please be as specific as possible. Include the item name, QL, where it was located last, and how you lost it (traded to NPC? deleted? vanished?). Also include how long ago the item loss occurred.

Quest Problems?

Try to be as specific as possible. If it involves an item, please include the appropriate name and QL and what you did with it (trade to NPC? combined for a quest? targeted?). If you are having issues with an NPC, please list the NPC name and the steps you took prior to running into your problem. Quest Problems can be some of the most complicated issues to resolve, so help us help you by giving us as much information prior to contact, so we can do our best to research any issues.

Being harassed by a player?

If you’re having any sort of issue with another player? Petition! And please be as accurate as possible. Include the player’s name, what they are doing, where it is happening, and if possible, anything they may have said to you (in tell, vicinity, team). We’ll try our hardest to get to the bottom of the matter.

The most important thing is to give as much information as possible. We’d rather have a novel than a sentence. The more information we have, the more we are able to do - even if you’re AFK or offline when we reach your petition.


The Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry

Every day out there on Rubi-Ka people find someone who understands them, a friendship grows and perhaps one day this friendship evolves into something more, something different. Love. Then one day while hunting those daunting creatures that inhabit the planet you find an engagement ring which makes you think: “Wow! This ring is a perfect symbol of my feelings for him or her! I wish there was someone who could help us show the world how we feel about each other.”

Well look no more! The Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry is here to help you celebrate the joys of marriage in these dark times, and I am here to help you through the process of requesting a wedding ceremony, give a few tips and some information about the service of the RKMR.

What to know when planning your RKMR wedding?


The first step in planning your wedding in Anarchy Online (After deciding who you are going to marry, be it a man, an Atrox or a woman)., is to decide where your wedding is going to be held. There are a number of locations to choose from both on Rubi-Ka and in the Shadowlands.

Weddings can be done anywhere on Rubi-Ka, including in player apartments, bars, and towns, but under no circumstances can they take place in dungeons, missions, near or around a Dynacamp or in PvP areas. Weddings in the Shadowlands can only take place at a few select locations due to the safety of the couple, guests and of the RKMR Registrar.

You can view some of our more popular Rubi-Ka locations and all of the Shadowlands locations on the ARK website by following this link:

It is also possible to get a tour of the different locations by a member of the ARK CR Weddings Team or a RKMR Registrar if you really can’t decide on a suitable location.


The second step in planning your wedding is to decide when the event should take place. Be sure to discuss this with your partner as well as your wedding party guests to make sure the time is convenient for everyone involved.

While we require you to submit your wedding request at least 72 hours (3 days) before your ceremony, ideally you should submit your request at least one week in advance to allow the RKMR to select a Registrar available for your ceremony time.

You will be contacted online as soon as a Registrar commits to perform your ceremony and they will be available to answer any questions you might have. The sooner we receive your weddings request, the sooner you will be contacted by your Registrar.

To help the RKMR find a Registrar fairly quickly, it is important that the time you tell us is given in GMT/UTC time, not in your own time zone. For this you can easily take advantage of one of the many websites that help convert time, one such could be: The Time Zone Converter or

Choosing a Ceremony Type:

You have a few options when choosing a ceremony to be held. You and your partner can choose to write your own vows, or use a set of pre-written vows specific to each faction. Clan partners can choose from either clan oriented or neutral vows, Omni partners can choose from omni oriented or neutral vows, and Neutral or mixed couples are encouraged to use neutral vows. We also offer a Nature ceremony and a Technology ceremony to all factions, both with vows already written.

The difference between the ceremonies is most pronounced in the OmniTek ceremony, which is presented as a Merger between two parties, in a most profound business sense. The Neutral ceremony is very close to what most would consider a “traditional” wedding ceremony (based on love and peace), and the Clan ceremony is similar with more emphasis on honor and loyalty. The Nature ceremony is very much like a pagan ceremony, calling on the elements to witness the union and the Technology ceremony is less about love, than about the mutual commitment of intellect and trust.

To see example text from each of these pre-made vow selections, please visit the bottom on this post.

Submitting Your Request:

On the ARK website you can find a description of the details we need from you to process your wedding request, and for us to do this best it is important that all the details is listed, especially that the time given is listed in GMT and noted as such. If you are unsure of the correct GMT time you can give the time in your own time zone, but then remember to list what time zone you live in and we will assist you in converting the time.

Required Details Are:
Names of the couple, date and time (both listed in GMT), dimension you are on, a suggested location for the wedding, type of ceremony and vows you want and finally how many guests you expect to be invited.

A tip for easier contact with the RKMR Registrar, who will be assigned to your wedding, is to tell us when you are counting on being available in game. The more days and times you give us, the better. A good rule of thumb is to add as much information as possible, and ask if you’re in doubt.

Additional Plans:

If you want to have a party/reception after your wedding, the RKMR Registrar can unfortunately not help you plan that but he might be able to give you a few tips on what to do to make it memorable for you.

Some couples wish to have live entertainment or music for the ceremony and/or reception, if you would like that then you could contact one of the local radio stations of Rubi-Ka,the most prominent being Gridstream Productions . Keep in mind that RKMR cannot contact or schedule these extracurriculars on your behalf, you must do so on your own, and signing up for events with the radio stations might require you to contact them by a much earlier deadline (perhaps weeks in advance).

What to Expect From RKMR:

Once we have all of the required information to plan your wedding, we will begin the process of finding a Registrar to perform the wedding. At least 24 hours before the wedding, you can expect to be contacted by your Registrar to go over the ceremony with you and to answer any last minute questions you might have about the ceremony.

The Registrar can even help you out with a few things to make your wedding a special day. Marriage rings, flowers and assisting with a shared last name are just some of the things that he can provide you with.

If your wedding party is expected to be a large one, you may be contacted by the RKMR with suggestions and plans to make your wedding both manageable and memorable.

You may also email you have any questions about weddings on Rubi-Ka or if you wish to schedule a particular time to meet with someone from the team.

To help you choose the right kinds of vows, here are some examples of the premade vows:


We offer joy and happiness for our beautiful couple who stand so proudly before us.
We wish that they will always find ways to strengthen their love for each other.

Do you take your beloved as your partner in marriage…
To never falter in your love and trust, through both good times and bad…
To remain committed in that love, come sickness, war or poverty?
Do you swear these things until the time of permanent death?


May the strength and spirit of the Clans be with us here!
Today we shall join these two in one of the most noble bonds!

Do you take your partner as your beloved in marriage…
To never falter in your love and trust, through both good times and bad…
To remain committed in that love, come sickness, war or poverty?
Do you swear these things until the time of permanent death?

Omni Contractual:

These two are entering the contract of marriage. I shall now read the Matrimonial Contract at the end of which both parties will be asked to agree.
This is an Oral Contract, legal, binding and enforceable under the laws of the Omni-Tek Corporation…

  1. The parties agree to do nothing to purposely harm either in body, spirit, or mind, and agree to take action to protect each other from such harms.
  2. They agree to nurture this relationship and grow together in the ways of the Corporation, providing strength and willpower to both each other and to the cause.
  3. The parties agree to live in accordance with the traditions and values of the Corporation, and to further the aims and goals thereof.
  4. They agree to work together to expand their financial profitability to support each other, and the Corporation.
    Do you agree to abide by this contract, for as long as you are able?

Omni Traditional:

Brothers and Sisters within the family of Omni-Tek!
We offer our thoughts for a moment, to the happy couple, who today shall be placed in marriage before us.
We offer them emotions of happiness, to eternally find happiness within each other, and Omni-Tek.

I now ask you each to agree to these Marriage Vows.
Do you take your beloved for your wedded partner…
to love and cherish them from this day forward, for better or worse,
for richer or for poorer and in sickness and in health?


I ask you both now to step forward to stand before me, as two creatures of intellect, equals willing to undertake the responsibility of this decision.

Please turn to face your partner and repeat after me.
I vow to you that I will forever strive,
To seek with you the perfection of being.
To discover with you the full power of intellect.
To seek enlightment in our one unified mind.
I offer myself to this pact, with trust and intellect.


The two of you stand here before your friends, the elements and the Ancient Ones, to join together as the beginning of a family!

Groom, What do you have to offer this person for their love?
I present to this person my love and my pledge.
May I never knowingly or willingly do such a thing to harm, nor grieve them in any form or fashion.
Accept this my ring, as a token of my trust. Like its metal, may my faith be as strong.
Like its craftsmanship may our love be enduring, and our fight together be successful.
Accept it my love, for that which is mine is yours.


ARK Tours

The ARK Tours Team is a sub-set of the Community Relations Department, and offers both public tours and private tours for your organization or friends on request. This is a great opportunity for everyone in your org to learn more about the planet Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands.

Each of the tours are given by a certified ARK Tour Guide who will take you to various places throughout the planet, explaining the history and story behind them.

Current Tours Offered:

Rubi-Ka - Level 2+, no expansions required

  • Omni-Tek Cities (For Omni factions only)
  • Neutral Cities (For Neutral factions only)
  • Clan Cities (For Clan factions only)

Shadowlands - Shadowlands Expansion required for all touring members.

  • Nascence Frontier - Level 5+
  • Elysium - Level 120+
  • Inferno - Level 160+

To book one of these tours for your organization, or if you have any questions, please email


Contacting the Events Department

The best way to contact us is to e-mail This email is personally checked by several members of ARK-Events daily. We promise we’ll read whatever you have to send us.

Keep in mind that we love to hear suggestions and such, but there are some things we can’t accomodate. We often get a lot of requests that involve changing the way certain game mechanics work. Understand that we can’t do much of anything about the actual game mechanics, except forward your suggestions on to FC.

If there is a sensitive issue that you want to bring directly to our attention, We can be e-mailed at

And what about those blue Names?

Those blue names are RP as in Role play Characters.
They are very exciting, they are played by members of the Ark Team.
No, they can’t answer any questions about Anarchy Online.
They are strictly roleplaying and will never go out of character.
They don’t even know what an ARK or GM is.



What is ARK?

Advisors Of Rubi-Ka are volunteers that are proud to support the Anarchy Online community. You can read about the various ARK Ranks, including information about GMs, here.

How do I contact an ARK or a GM?

As far as any forum moderators & these forums go, you can PM any of us and we’ll try and help you out with things here.

In-game issues can be sent in via:
/petition {Problem Here}
More petition tips can be found here.

You can also contact support via

There are some things that are not typically handled in-game however. Billing & account issues is one of them. Please contact for help with billing & account issues.

Bugs & Exploits is a unique matter as well, please read the ARK Bug Hunters section for more information on these.

What about harassment issues?

If someone is harassing you or causing problems in-game then you should petition as soon as possible and log the area it’s happening in.

If someone is harassing you via /tell, please use the /ignore feature.

To send in a disruption petition, i.e. where someone is harassing you or causing some other game disruption problem, you would do the following:
/petition DISRUPTION {name(s) of player(s)} {problem in complete detail}

I have a great idea for AO! …

We do not suggest sending ideas in via petition in-game, it’s the least effective method. The best method is first,, then the Game Suggestions Forum.

Surely ARK can do things faster with bug reports, suggestions, etc. if I tell them directly by petitioning?

Things are setup so players can communicate with FunCom easily without a complex system, hence there is no fast-track method for anything through ARK.

ARK itself talks to FunCom through their ARK Manager and players talk to FunCom through @AndyB (FunCom Community Manager), so all of us have someone to work through.

Please understand that submission of bug reports or feedback e-mails may not get you a response, but be assured, your bug report or feedback will be looked over.

ARKs must have uber play accounts!

ARKs have separate normal accounts that they play on, ARKs are in fact players just like you, as such an ARKs personal account receives no special items or characters of the likes.

ARKs are NOT allowed to tell you who they are outside their ARK character, so please don’t ask them.

ARK also does not support one side or another, be it Omni, Neutrals, or Clans; though technically in a strictly role-playing sense ARK is Neutral sided under the ICC.

ARK does not give favors to Orgs, other ARKs, or general people at all. Sometimes in the event of something like the ARK Expo, we will work with a group, but only in the capacity to bring something more special to the whole community in general.

How do I know if I see a ARK or GM ingame?

If you see a GREEN NAMED PERSON, this is a person who is a staff member, ARK or GM. They will always (or at least usually) have some identifying feature too like “GM” or “ARK” in their name or Org name.

But remember! Many times role-players such as Reporters and Registrars have blue names too, and if you start firing off questions to them about uber lewt, or something about rules, they will be unable to help due to being in character. So if you have a problem and a role-player is around, don’t bother the poor RPer, just /petition or visit

Where can I find information about Events in AO?

Check out the Rubi-Ka Buzz forum or e-mail

I want to join the Advisors Of Rubi-Ka!

We’d love to have you! Just head over to the ARK WebSite and fill out an application!

I have my own question…

If you have any other questions about ARK please e-mail