The Anarchy Online Hardmode Challenge

Tired of the same mind-numbing Tab+Q to QQ? Tired of being so overpowered that mobs never hurt you and you never see the reclaim unless it’s to save? Tired of pocket teams and not actually playing your toon? Try the AO Hardmode Challenge! The Hardmode Challenge will provide a different way to leveling your character with certain restrictions that create much more engaging and difficult combat. Milestones will feel like true accomplishments and making your first million credits will make you feel like Jack in the movie “Titanic”(likely including the death scene as well).

So here’s the basics!

Levels 1-99
-No pocket teams are allowed
-You are not allowed to trade with other players at all: this means no buying or selling items, no receiving gear or credits from friends, and no tradeskilling from other players
-The only way you can gain credits is from selling items to vendors or from mobs/mission rewards
-No Alien weapons or armor are allowed
-No Lost Eden weapons or armor are allowed, this includes OFAB armor
-The cash shop is prohibited
-No Illegally modified OFAB weapons are allowed(Subway Weapons)
-No outside buffs are allowed, except for when equipping new gear, but they must be deleted prior to entering combat; however, if you are teamed with other players in your level range and they cast buffs on you, this is permitted
-You are not allowed to have twinks help you level or kill bosses for you for loot; however, teaming is allowed and encouraged
-Usage of Veteran Points is prohibited
-Newcomer’s Armor is not allowed
-Clicksaver is permitted

Level 100-149
-You are now allowed to openly and freely trade with players, including selling items, using GMI, etc
-All of the other restrictions still apply

Level 150-199
-Veteran point usage is now permitted
-Use of Alien Invasion and Lost Eden/OFAB HUDs and UTILs are now permitted, but you cannot use any armor or weapons
-Once you are in a proper level range, you may freely team with endgame players to engage in more difficult content
-All other restrictions still apply

Level 200+
-Restrictions have been removed, congratulations on completing the AO Hardmode Challenge!

-At lower levels, Rubi-Ka may be more profitable, especially running missions
-Bring a few backpacks will you because you will be vendoring everything
-Living Cyber armor is very nice
-Don’t forget the weapons vendors in Shadowlands gardens as they have some unique and helpful gear
-If you prefer to level in the Shadowlands, Pearls will be your best friend
-Malahs in the Shadowlands drop great armor with high ACs
-Many mobs, especially sided mobs, will drop weapons which will come in handy for either credits or a new weapon
-Tier armor will be tough to acquire, but it will be your best friend
-Temple of Three Winds has some great gear, but don’t neglect the mobs wandering outside and the Cyborg Barracks nearby
-My best tip for everyone is to get creative! Find some gear that you’ve never used before or never knew existed! Experiment, die a few times, explore new locations, do something new!

I hope you all enjoy this Challenge and let me know if you have any suggestions! Happy Hunting!


Whack, no clicksaver up to lvl 99 … c’mon… :scream:

But sounds like an idea. Who will check up the cheating? :wink:
Would it be an Idea to form a Hardmode Challenge Organization?
What about Daily Missions?

Permitted means you can use it!
Forming an organization would be a pretty awesome idea! Perhaps 3, one for each faction.
And daily missions are also permitted, but they’re not very useful, sans the Alien daily.

Daily missions are hella useful.

You kinda did this hardmode with your most recent AO uploads, will you be doing it again?

Nah, no more videos for me. I just wanted to create an even more difficult challenge and see if anyone would wanna give it a try!

Why no more videos? Just curious!

He’s no longer 'bout dat action.


Hmm, this isnt as hard as it sounds actually, it depends a lot on what profession you go with. Enforcer or Keeper would have it super easy since you can just go Frost Scythe to level 100 then buy a pained panther (I mean, you can farm one Mariner’s Father and sell it for 10m+ at the moment).

For hard mode I’d recomment making a level 150 character, strip it of everthing and allow only farming from adonis and up, no trading at all. MA skill not allowed and pre-farming tokens/vp/axp/research not allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m older now and just dont have any drive to make videos anymore unfortunately.


Some professions are definitely easier than others, but bear in mind you’ll need armor, implants to equip the weapons, and you’ll need to actually farm the weapons.

After extensive testing, SL is far superior to RK at lower levels!

Sad to hear :frowning:

It’s a lot easier to make money in SL at lower levels as well, low QL pattern parts and pearls vendor really well.

(lvl 1-99) Started a toon … and what comes to Mind is: Is the levelling armor from Subscriptions also forbidden? Like newcomers or alien/OFAB?

lmao this is how a new player plays this game :smiley:

Don’t forget the S1 Chapters.