The base disappeared

In this I have to agree with you.

That’s why I was building there before as well, cause I just did not realize I shouldn’t, because the option was there.

The rules in this matter are more or less about common sense and experience, it is not clearly stated IN ALL MATTERS - You know you can’t block resource nodes. You know you can’t block spawn places. You know you can’t block lore places.

Also you know, you shouldn’t block pathways, spam foundations without purpose and create huge useless cubes with fences above.

There is still too many what is just optional and depends on the person validating it, on his or hers opinion and preference.

If camps and cities have blocked option to build, why caves do not? So players who know the basics of land claim don’t end up like you.

I intend to create new topic about this, considering my maintenance base on one of the officials I built before.

EDIT: Also I want to include discussion about aesthetic and RP land claim bases. :slight_smile:

There’s no proactive administration on official servers. The admins only act on a report. You can get away with breaking the rules as long as nobody reports you for it. In your case, you were okay for a year before someone did it.

Funcom never officially confirmed it, but it’s generally assumed that if your build makes it impossible to reach the point where the marker is added to your map, then you’re “blocking content”, which is against the rules.

The thing about the rules for playing on any server – not just official ones – is that the admins aren’t asking you whether you agree, they’re telling you not to break them.

That would be nice, but it’s also costly. Unlike private servers, the official servers are administrated by people who are paid to do it.

Yeah, it would definitely be better if Funcom admins did the whole warn-then-follow-up process, but I can understand why Funcom doesn’t want to pay for that out of their own pockets. They’re already paying for the servers.

Because you’re not paying for it with your money?


my base stood for a year and did not interfere with anyone, and then it immediately interfered. The point of travel can be completed simply by approaching the failure, I did not take a short way, he is nearby and there is someone else’s base. But another base is blocking it, and mine was deleted. They have the opportunity to technically prohibit construction, but it is allowed there. You can’t allow construction, and then indicate somewhere that it’s impossible to build there and just ignore hundreds of hours of players’ labor and delete bases, this is disrespectful to the players, I had a bunch of artisan slaves, on which I spent a lot of hours. My base there did not interfere with anyone for a year and I did not receive any complaints. Why the administration does not check the chat logs of those who throw complaints. Did they appeal to the owner of the database with a complaint, just someone decided to throw a complaint and my database was deleted. So if you have carefully read the rules, they affect a lot of aspects and based on them, any large database can be deleted, and the administration does not really understand, just deletes them. This is bad policy. This is a real setup.

Yes, you can.

This game is made for more than just official servers. There are private servers, there’s single-player mode, and there’s co-op. When something is added to the game, or removed from it, or changed, it’s because it should apply to all players, not just those on official servers.

That’s why there are server rules, because those define what you are allowed or not allowed to do on a particular server. And those work the same way everywhere, and it’s really simple: either you respect the rules, or go play somewhere else.

You need to understand that when they add a no-build zone, it applies to the whole game, not just official servers. The game provides a way to turn off no-build zones, but there’s just one switch for all build zones, so people can’t just pick and choose which ones they want.

Asking Funcom to add no-build zones just because some people can’t be bothered to follow rules is asking to inconvenience a large portion of players just because you don’t want to deal with the rules.

Because it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you broke the rules, not what people are saying about you. If you broke the rules, the admins delete your base and give you a suspension or a ban. If you didn’t, they don’t. And if they made a mistake, you can open a Zendesk ticket to appeal their decision.

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I can deprive you of the base because I don’t like you and because it’s big, and you also put a couple of lamps more, my FPS dropped, I can deprive you of the base. Have you read all the points of the rules yourself? I personally did not see a paragraph specifically about the prohibition of construction in the failure, there are few specifics, there are many contradictions. In fact, I can just deprive you of the base because I don’t like you, not because it bothers me. Are you protecting this system now ? I have seen many examples of the demolition of bases that did not bother anyone. But there was a bad person who threw a complaint. And if the clan throws a complaint, then you will lose almost 100 percent of the base. In this case, it is smart to finally achieve such a thing as warnings at least, they have a tool, this is the window that pops up when you log on to the server, it can be not only general, but also personal. The admin still logs on to the server to demolish the base, which prevents giving a warning and, for example, 2-3 days to move. I just don’t understand you, do you want to improve the life of players in conan or just go in one red day and see that your base is not there, just because your neighbor didn’t like you? think about it better.

And before the performance correction, large bases had low fps. But they were removed, although the problem was not in them, but in the optimization of the game. Is that fair too?

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That’s your speculation. Problem is, Funcom doesn’t give you a detailed explanations of why they wiped you and banned you. So people like you come to the forums with their own theories – often parroted from someone else’s preconceptions – and they post their convictions as if they were facts.

Case in point: you’re repeating the popular trope about the FPS, but the rules say something different.

Yes, have you?

For example, it seems like you didn’t read this part, just like most people who complain about how they got wiped because they “build big”:

Did you read the bit where it says “loss of performance both on client and server-side”?

Follow-up question: do you know the difference between client-side and server-side performance?

That’s because you’re not paying attention:

Blocking the map marker is pretty clearly blocking the content in the game.

You’re welcome to try. Here, I’ll make it easy for you: I play on PVE-C server 1818, my character is called Arvid, and my clan is called Voidbringers. My base is the bottom-right region of the C7 map grid square, right outside the Unnamed City. Feel free to go there, take some screenshots, and compose a Zendesk report. Let’s put your theory to test, hm? :wink:

Yes, I am. I remember what it was like before the rules, and it sucked.

Anyone could wall off someone else’s base, or an obelisk, or a bunch of important resources, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

Anyone could make a malicious build that dropped your client-side FPS to single digits due to abuse of placeables, or crash the server on purpose if they knew how, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

In short, we were all left at the mercy of trolls and griefers.

I don’t wanna go back to that just because you disagree with the rules.

Is the system perfect? Far from it. I’d like to see it improved, if possible. But if they don’t want to improve it, I’m fine with that. If you aren’t fine with it, it’s because you stay “clean” within the boundaries of the rules, and frankly, I’ve got little sympathy left for that.

There are people like @Kikigirl who got targeted by admin action without actually knowing what rules they broke and how. I reserve sympathy and support for cases like that, but they are actually a tiny minority. Most of the times, a forum complaint about admin action turns out to be a case where someone actually broke the rules and when they realized it they shifted the goalposts from “I was unfairly targeted by admins” to “the rules are not okay”. Your case seems to be one of those.

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Did you even hear me? I said that it was enough to approach the failure to get a marker, even when I was building, a marker appeared near my building, so where did I block the content? it is not forbidden to build there, the main thing is that a marker appears, but it appeared as soon as you approached my residential building over the sinkhole. So where did I block the content?
here it is the whole essence of your rules and their execution, the administrator did not check whether the marker appears, but simply erased the base
There are a lot of markers on the map, the rules should be clear, places should be spelled out in them, there should be specifics, and there is solid water there. And according to this logic, I can at least deprive about 20 clans of their bases, because there is a marker there. Don’t you think it’s funny? There are no spawns, chests, books in the failure. The marker works when you approach it, regardless of whether it is built up or not. There is no direct ban on construction in it, it does not say anywhere: do not build in a sinkhole or anywhere else. Technically, construction is allowed there. What are you trying to prove to me?

Just for interest sake, are there any other bases built near you? I ask because there is always the possibility some other player/clan used a convergence trap or their own base nearby to activate a Purge and then kite it over to attack your base - in which case the Purge may have then demolished your 1yr+ base?
(I’ve never looked at the pve server 1036 myself)

Yes, there are neighbors, and they block a short way through the mountains with their base. But I’m sure it wasn’t a purge. The base is large enough, t3, cleaning simply could not destroy so much.

And about the fact that the rules are not in order. That’s the thought I’m conveying. But the decision is whether to erase your base or not. Check whether the content works in this place even during construction, all this is done by a person (administrator). So if the marker worked during my construction and this was the only condition based on the rules, what am I wrong about and why months of labor were erased. Buildings and loot have no meaning, I could easily move and rebuild, but here are a large number of t4 slaves who are not easy to catch. And you’ve been looking for some priests for weeks, this is the part of my property on the server that has nothing to do with the development and why should I lose it? simply because the robotability of the marker was not checked.

Actually, as much as I can’t stand Funcom’s vague building rules, one thing is very clear. You can NOT build anywhere that would block content, including POIs. The Crevice is in fact a POI and requires you to walk to the center of it to unlock it.

My suggestion, make sure you’re not blocking access to a POI.

I’m not sure about Exiled Lands map, but Siptah actually has a Steam achievement for unlocking all POIs.

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Yeah, that is the more likely scenario. If the base has been there for ages, that doesn’t matter as I guess all it takes is a complaint based on the base-blocking guidelines, etc.
This was posted a long time ago - and there are other guides I am sure:

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this is the problem that the marker worked. that is, you opened a cleft if you approached it and there was an opportunity to go down.
marker in general, my building did not block this achievement for you.

it existed for so long because it did not block the marker, that is, it did not cause problems for other players and for me the question is: why was it demolished. after all, in fact, construction is not prohibited there. And they demolished the entire base and all the buildings that were outside the cave.

Please do! :slight_smile:
It is highly encouraged, so by all means, go around and sheriff your server a bit :stuck_out_tongue: It does wonders for replication and loading times!

Here’s the thing… you are only assuming that was the reason for it… in fact, if I read this correctly you’re even assuming that it was admin action (though it’s highly likely), but you didn’t actually contact Zendesk yet to ask whether you were banned, and if so, why… right?

So no, nobody here is sure you were banned for blocking the marker :man_shrugging: Perhaps you could post some pictures of your base so people can have more educated guesses?

Let me reassure you though, that if you spent that whole year farming and building stuff and expanding, then you could have very easily been claiming more land than Funcom is okay with.

Typically ALL of the longtime “alpha” buildings with lasers shooting out of every crevice (pre C3 ofc - no more lasers) violate the rules in some form or another. Either claiming up more space than they reasonably need or having too many placeables… or having some form of decorative landclaim around (side-buildings, torches in the front yard… etc)


I took up as much space as the placement of all the temples allows in view of their restriction on placement next to each other. As for the territory, the base was large, but there are many bases much larger than mine. Regarding complaints about other people’s bases, I am not one of those people who deprive others of their homes. For such actions, there are people like you, how much you need to disrespect someone else’s work. It’s funny about the server load time, because it won’t change. but if your server is not working well, you should pay attention to your Internet or computer. Regarding the appeal, I made 2 appeals. And yes, temples no longer emit rays of light.

That’s a common thing people get false encouragement from…
The exclusion radius of the altars does not excuse taking up more space, since you don’t actually NEED to have all the altars :man_shrugging:

The rules are pretty simple… in essence they sum up to:
“Don’t be an a-hole and be considerate of others…”
Simply being reported will NOT result in you being wiped and banned… an admin does look at it and makes a judgement call - granted, they don’t have nearly enough time to spend on that than we’d prefer… but they still look… and in 99% of the cases if you got wiped, there was something wrong with your base.

Why do you think Codemage above is so bold to give out where he “lives”?.. He’s aware of the rules and following them to the best of his ability so he’s pretty sure that unless some rare mishap comes along, there’s a very high chance an admin would investigate his base and decide it’s not against the rules.

Well, I have reported a grand total of 0 bases, simply because I haven’t played on official servers recently :man_shrugging: But if I came across a base that clearly violated the rules in my opinion… then I would report it so the admins can decide whether my judgment call was right or not…
You seem to be forgetting that the people reporting you are not the ones making the decision… they’re just notifying the ones who ARE.

On a different note though, it’s been said quite a lot of times (it’s even in the ToS) that official servers are NOT your personal art gallery… for that you should use a private server which permits that playstyle or single player… Official servers are the “free community transportation” of servers and they need to be shared so if an admin looks at it and it looks like you’re taking up more SPACE than you NEED to… that’s typically when they wipe it.
As for client / server performance… I may be wrong of course, but there’s a good chance I’m slightly better informed about it than you.


Since when is the crevice a point of interest? I have heard people talk about it as a base location for ages. Theres a base there right now on my server (official pvp)

As to the topic: I would look into other reasons first than admin wipe. Not knowing how you built, its hard to say anything more.

Funny how people just jump on the same bandwagon without any substantial evidence…

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do you know many administrators personally, from official servers? Have you seen their chat or statistics how many bases they erased , and who was spared ? Were you present at this? Can you say with confidence that they are considering and understanding in detail? Or, due to lack of time, they simply erase it, because it is large, it stands where the marker is and it does not matter whether another player can open it. All you said is your personal assumptions.)

and I mean the same thing, it’s just a cave with a hole in the ground, not having a special design or anything other than a marker, not having spawn rare animals or bosses. Compared to her, my base was a tourist attraction hahha

there was no cleaning, the base stood for a long time and nothing happened to it, and then I just walked in, and part of the furniture was left hanging in the air. At first I didn’t understand what was wrong with the server, I thought it didn’t want to load in any way, and then I opened the log and it was a shock, there were messages that it had lost stability.