The best food for healing

Hey guys ! Can i ask you what is the best food for healing outside of religious one ?

aloe soup,haunch,herbal (iced and non iced) tea, and a healing potion.
Basically the game does not stack the same food type, but can stack three differtn.
Food–Aloe Soup—cheap to make, (or in a pinch roasted haunch)
Potion–Aloe (Infused Aloe with the latest patch)

If you pop all three at once, the regen effect stacks and works quicker.

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Lifeblood Spear.

Exodermally ingested through the hands, but until then I highly recommend Fish Strips. An easily renewable resource that heals quite a bit for it’s accessibility.

Considering Vitality 3 has been nerfed, you need something you can sustainably stuff your face full with. Some also use herbal tea as a main source of hydration due to it’s healing properties.

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You can sort by thirst, hunger, healing. Exotic feast for straight food. Aloe, etc as mentioned is recommended as well (and don’t forget ambrosia)

Cooked Exotic Meat is probably best bang for the buck. Just use clever on exotic animals and cook. No spice needed and it’s one of the best in terms of healing. You stack that with drink and potion I guess, but typically the meat itself is enough. I’ve never stacked healing myself because I don’t bother crafting other sources of heals.

thanks everybody ! super fast reply on this forum it’s great ! Should i farm the skeleton bosses in the unamed city for the lifeblood spear ?

Always farm everything

Varies on need. And what extra effects you want.

Exotic Feast is +100 and heat protection. (not to bad to make)
Hearty Meal +100, No extra effect.

^ both restore alot of food bar.

Lasting meal heals +80. But restores thirst and food decently. (not to bad to make) great roam around food + drink for weather. (personal fave)

Spiced soup, heals 20 or something sad, but warms you up, but doesnt hurt thirst. Super easy make.
Spiced foods in general heal better, but hurt thrist bar. You can carry berry drinks to counter.

ice tea for Volcano
few of ales/wines do cooldown to, but are super heavy and make you drunk. Several others…
I find it easier to just bring extra waterskins.

Several Altar foods that heal much more. jeehab heals 160 or so. (few of others only heal 80)

Aloe Soup heals 70, but weighs 0.1,

heal/numb wraps + food + drink.

Aloe potions weight abit, but there good for tough fights.

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Another early easy to make is meat mashup. 1 feral + 1 savory. gives 60 hp, 60 food, and 10 drink. Made on stove and recipe is easy to get to at around level 29 (which is when you can craft a stove), if you sneak in and learn it and run away:).

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The new dried fish recipe from the loan fisherman heals 80. Salt, Spice and dried fish. It lasts a very long time. So its solid to travel with.

I prefer aloe soup for areas like the unnamed city.

Foods that heal as well as quench food and thirst are good.

Yog Meat
Lasting Meal
Savory Stew
Aloe Soup

These are all good.

Fish Strips for normal content.

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As far as I’ve seen only the Red Mother dragon drops the lifeblood spear.

Worths the harvest…

For me meaty mashup for everyday use is great…
For exploring I prefer the trail jerky acompanied by a stack of purified (as trail jerky has 4hrs decay timer and when u explore u usually need mo more than half a stack. Aloe soup for boss fights/ dungeon , combined with herbal / ice tea (depending on biome) works great for healing (especially if combined with equipping lifeblood its almost insta heal). I have also found that Derketos feast is also great to boost regen… but the best food combined to the effort u put to obtain it is meaty mashup, in my opinion

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For what its worth, the aloe soup is stackable to 50 and weighs almost nothing, so overall I consider it the best in the game.


Aloe soup is what i go with for PVP, but meaty mashup is so easy to make i use it every where else…hide run of alligators and then gorillas gives me plenty of feral and savory, throw meat in stove, cook. aloe takes a process of making salt and water orb (need my crystals for tnt!!!),then to soup, so i save it for needed situations only.

I haven’t had a chance to check out that recipe yet.

I want to add. Never under estimate purified water. Its light. I stack some on my thrall in case I’m being taken out of ready areas with water in the desert.

Also really enjoying the feast of Jhebal Sag. Its easy to make. ale is plentiful and yoy just throw blood into the campfire and you have blood sausage

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