The best sorcery would be a shave and a haircut

Why is this not a thing. I pride myself of dying armor. Working on magestic buildings and making fine crafter goods.

Funcom. I get it! Bugs first frill later. But seriously. My hair!

I liked it when I chose it. But through the course of my many hours of play I have decided that I’m not keen on my once glorious mane of hair.

Tie it to the corruption system. Have me kill the worst world boss in the entire Unnamed City!

Make it a recipe where I need to slaughter an entire race of people (As I did during the Iced tea masacre of 2018)

I don’t care what you want me to do. I’ll do it.

$5 dollar personal cosmetic DLC. Sure! Take my money.

My first born child! Take them!

You can’t have my cat!

But for the love of every diety we can acquire please…Hair!!!

Stop being all Crom-Like and give us this one thing!

----end Rant


Don’t move This to suggestions please. :slight_smile:

It’s already there.

I am going to go all BryanSkull about hair.


Yup. People such as yourself keep asking for it, and people such as myself are happy to keep agreeing with and upvoting it.

I have already presented more indepth arguments in the past, so I think ill just quote myself from the past and say that “a barber in Supermeru would be nice.”.


For once I will actually use ByranSkull and “I agree” together. Keep asking for the ability to change hair and facial hair and I’ll keep voting for and supporting it… And getting behind any of @Croms_Faithful similar posts.

So keep posting this one…


I second this :slight_smile:


I am all for a nice shave and haircut. But we all know people on confilct and pvp servers would exploit it (naked bombers especially on PVP from far away when scouting). That’s what they do. It will need to have a cost, not crazy but a cost. Plus a cool down once confirmed. I picture maybe a merchant (Bruti the Barberass) and 20 gold coins. It takes you to the facial hair and hair menu (along with eye makeup). you go thru a couple of looks pretty woman style (with Conan sitting on his stone throne and watching, shaking his head in disgust:) ). Once you find one, then you confirm it.

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I just want to be able to shave under my character’s arms so she can look like Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta’s girls. :sob:


The mod “Emberlight” allows you to change your own and your Thralls appearances ingame via two new workbenches (one for you, one for thralls)!

For you it’s mostly style and color of hair, eyebrows and beards but also includes permanent warpaint (without buffs ofc) which is customizable for head, body, hands (any combination of warpaints, also free color picking).

For Thralls it’s all that and additionally you can outfit thralls with armor they’ll then wear. Works both for placeable Thralls as well as Thralls in workbenches.

Excellent idea. It would also be nice if there was a sorcerer somewhere on the map you could visit that could basically let you re customize your character all together. You would have to do some sort of random quest or bring him rare ingredients or something.


Sure, on PC there are several mods that allow you to do it.

But mods can only be used on private servers on PC. That won’t help anyone on consoles or on official servers, those will require an official FunCom solution.


Hah! I just had to laugh hard because of this one!
But honestly? A /customise for vanilla would be awesome! (Pippi command for altering a toon.)

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Well thankyou for the kind words JTtheDestroyer. The calls for the ability to change hair and beard styles is right up there with Armour Display Racks/Mannequins for one of the most frequently requested and up voted suggestions in the forums history. I really hope that Funcom has been secretly working on both and we see their implementation in the future.


Two bits! (Sorry not sure how no one had done that yet).

Clearly there should be a Cimmerian at Mounds named Sweeney the Mad who could offer this service


Well if he’s added in, then he should also teach a meat pie recipe

How about a barbershop in Conan town? Someone success this before I think. One more reason to go there.

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Yes please a barber would be great!

And also a whole character remake option via sorcerous or religious means.

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