The Black House Challenge in under 2 impossibilty?

Has anyone successfully completed this challenge?

I have Sprint VI but just can’t do it in under 2 mins.

I would greatly appreciate any advice from players that have successfully completed this challenge. Thanks in advance.

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Yep. It’s easy. Examine the clues in the house as quickly as possible, then click the gravestones quickly. Once you have the urn, run as fast as you can past the zombies across the road, through the baseball field, then to the waterfall. Keep your inventory open during all this and immediately right click the urn when you get there. You should have just enough time.

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You don’t need Sprint VI for it. Did that even exist when that achievement was added?

If your load times are quick enough, Anima Leap can also shave off a decent chunk of time.

It was also possible in TSW (although I don’t know if it is in SWL) to get out of the bathroom upstairs before the door closes, so you don’t have to waste seconds attacking it.

You can also drop an AoE on the floor before the door closes on it.

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It’s definitely possible to complete with Sprint V and absolutely no special tricks. Probably even with Sprint IV and a few movement-/stun-related tricks.

Also, if you can get someone else to run the mission with you at the same time, they can get stunned by the grave effect while you disable the wards.

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CC immunity also lets you bypass the stun. All in all the mission is doable in quite a lot under 2 minutes if you cut it tight and as such probably is possible even with sprint 3 I would guess, higher sprints just give more leeway.

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The biggest thing for achievement only (not speedrunning the whole mission) is starting in the back, do the house like normal, maybe a CC immunity for the urn (You don’t get stunned or hurt from touching the circle btw) and than maybe a port to the agartha portal well…these three things should save you enough time to get below 2 minutes but the expert for the mission is Darkness who got the MISSION down to 1:09 …so he knows more corners than me probably

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It is doable with spint IV and without any cleanses. I did it ‘by the book’ in TSW and SWL using anima leap. And I think in TSW even without anima leap because we got it later.

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It’s perfectly doable with Spring IV. If you have Sprint VI it should be ridiculously trivial.

I’ve been practising and the best time so far…2mins 15 secs!

What gadgets do I need to do a stun cleanse?

You don’t get stunned from touching the circle? Sorry, how do you do that? I find getting stunned is unavoidable.

Ideally the Purification Drone Model UW-0, or the Phoenician Support Stratagem. Basically you need something you can pop just before you get stunned, and have it running when the stun lands (because you can’t use gadgets whilst stunned).

So I would need to start the purification drone before using the urn to avoid the stun effect?

Yup, you’d activate the gadget then use the urn straight away.

I used Phoenician Support Stratagem. Touching the circle doesn’t stun you, investigating the urn does.

Bought a purification drone, have done practice moves within the house prior to attempting the achievement, all to no avail.

I think the achievement is bugged for a sole player.

Maybe if you post a video of one of your runs it would be easier to identify where you’re losing time.

I did one on an alt after you posted about it (level 25, Sprint IV) and finished with more than 30 seconds to spare.

I think it would be more instructive for me if you could post a video of your re-run of this. Would this be ok next time you try the achievment please?

Many thanks in advance.