The blue crystal was the material

Hey, everybody. The “blue crystal” ingredient has been found. Who knows what it is for and where it is used?

Well, I figured it out myself. He is needed to get white paint from a small chests in a cave with crystal, which is guarded by the queen of spiders


There can also spawn another female alchemist who can also craft black and white dye.

Nono. That was really someone other named. Maybe I can find it in my browser history…

OK, so I was wrong about the place. She was found by some other player at Set-city/sepermeru.
Her name is: Iblis of Zingara.

The Wiki also said, that players were reporting she can make black and white dye, but someone deleted this at the wiki in the last 2 days.

In this version it still on the page:
Iblis of Zingara - Official Conan Exiles Wiki In the next version it was added that players are saying that she can:
Iblis of Zingara - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

And here is where I read about it:

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One of the wiki team checked this ingame and found that Iblis can not craft those dyes, so they deleted the wrong phrase.

Well then we have to ask the other user if he/she is sure about it.
Maybe with screenshot?

Edit: Just asked the user in the other thread.

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Dafari Witch Doctor ( For Recipe Reference)


Idk, maybe there are different Iblis !? Isaw one yesterday with different hair.!
I use mods like emberlight and fashionist, but until now this didn´t change the dye making.

OK, thats weird now… can she be a Purge Thrall?

@Wak4863 did you spawn her from the admin panel?

Edit: but at the gallery pictures you see that she has long hair (you can see the end of her hair at the right side)…

No purge. Checking my mods right now.
…Yesterday i saw a Iblis with long hair by the bridge at the southlake.
No admin panel usage. Honest wheel of pain :slight_smile:

Ok sorry. Maybe there is something wrong with my game. I just reloaded an old playthrough that has named alchemists. My Sayd Secretkeeper can make black/white dye. That is not normal. It must be a mod i use. Sorry.


At least is is cleared up now. Too bad she cannot.

But there still is this Darfari Alchemist :slightly_smiling_face:


No the images are from an Official server. I have a couple of her and just grabbed one out of the box. Named thralls can have different looks. Mostly the hair changes. I think that was a way for Funcom to make it so you couldn’t tell that any certain thrall was named or not without reading their name plate.

EDIT: I miserunderstood what my mate told me, no Iblis is not like Darfari Doctor. Sorry

Who are you referring to that can craft them? It’s unclear because we are talking about 2 alchemists. Just don’t want there to be confusion. If you are referring to the Darfari Witch Doctor they can make white and black dyes. Iblis of Zangara cannot make white or black dyes on official servers. Any variation from that would be a mod.

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EDIT: my apologies, I miserunderstood what my mate told me, no Iblis is not able to craft them, my apologies.

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Is your friend playing on PC or Console? More testing must be done. Also if your friend could share a screen shot. That would be helpful.

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My apologies, I’ve miserunderstood what my mate told me. sorry.