The blue crystal was the material

Admin Spawn without Mods. Single Player PC

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Is it possible the person is mistaken for light and dark dye colorants?

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Not being me I don’t know, I will ask to my friend this weekend

EDIT: sorry all, my bad. My mate explained me she read Iblis was able to and she just captured one, but when placed no, she wasn’t, I miserunderstood what she told me. My apologies. :anguished:

I removed from the topic wrong information editing my previous post.

Again my apologies.

I have an Iblis of Zingara in my merry-go-round, I’ll check if she’s ripe when I get home from work.

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have one on officials, no white/black die or any of the purge recipes.

I’ve got her on official server, no black or white dyes. And she has short hair for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Solo mode Iblis (modded, but nothing that should change thrall abilities) is equally unable to make black or white dyes.

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No worries. Sometimes bugs happen, sometimes it’s just misinformation. This time misinformation glad we could get to the bottom of it.


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