The Case for Versioning

Having nearly 600 hours in the game (and I know that’s not much around here) since I purchased it back in December, and being mostly involved with the “modded” community, there is but ONE suggestion, ONE thing I think Funcom must implement if we are to ever have hopes of Conan Exiles being up to par with other “popular” games in the survival/sandbox genre.

That one thing is versioning. People who ever played Minecraft know what I’m about. Each update should be a different version, instance, or whatever, that you could access from the launcher. And ideally, this would be complemented by mod versioning also on Steam Workshop. This would solve the following issues:

  1. Players and servers that play modded Conan Exiles wouldn’t have their game broken with each update.
    I know by experience that many players only play this game because of mods. And many servers are built around specific mods.
    At the moment, the updates are forced. You can’t go back to the prior update. Each update breaks mods or renders them useless. Modded players either have to wait for modders to catch up (if they ever do), or play without mods. I also know that a lot of players just choose to quit the game altogether, looking for a game that won’t render their time investment null.

  2. Vanilla players and servers could choose to wait and see if a given update is to their tastes, or won’t break their play style.

If versioning is ever implemented, I can see Conan Exiles stopping bleeding players with each update. Not to sound repetitive, but refer to Minecraft again… In that game, there are whole passionate, dedicated “version” communities. The biggest ones being the “pre 1.8”, “1.12” (has the most mods), and the community that always plays the latest version, among others.
If Minecraft ever did what Funcom does, they would have lost a huge portion of their player base (it currently is in the 1.17, if I am not mistaken).

Yeah, I know Minecraft is considered to be a “kids game”, but, still, it is the most popular survival game, a rare case of a game that is still relevant after 10 years of its launch, and there are reasons for that. One of them being the versioning Conan Exiles desperately needs, IMO.

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Yeah, we’ve had this argument before on the forums :slight_smile:

So let’s stop and think about some real problems with the versioning. Here’s a big one: the only way this would be even remotely feasible is if Funcom offered those old versions without any expectation that they’ll be supported in any way.

That means that if you choose to play the version 2.1, you get all the bugs that were in version 2.1, all the exploits that were in version 2.1, all the things you hated about the version 2.1, and you don’t get to complain. Now be honest, what’s the probability that players would actually behave like that, as opposed to constantly popping up on the forums to complain about old versions?

And that’s just one problem. There are more.

Conan Exiles isn’t bleeding players with each update. Look at Conan Exiles on Steam Charts, and you’ll notice that the long-term trend shows that the playerbase is growing, despite the peaks and valleys in the chart.


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