The current Situation on console is unacceptable!


I play this game since day1 and i always kept the flag high for this game, bought every dlc to support the team and tried to motivate friends to come back to te game or refresh their passion with the game.

I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles on official server, i defended against alpha tribes, i raided alpha tribes, got raided, rebuilded etc. and there was always a solution for everything even in bad times when you could exploit the derketo shrine for 24/7 god protections.

But the situation we have now on official servers is really unacceptable. Our Server is full of Tribes that build under the mesh and we can’t do anything against this. So we can’t attack them!
So you now think, ok you can’t attack them, but at least you can defend against them, I mean if they want to achieve something they have to come out of their rat holes. But even that does not work cause you broke the damn tribe log! It doesn’t show anything. So every person can raid you while you are not in your base and you do not even realize it… What the heck funcom? You really want to get rid of your last hardcore fanbois? I really feel like givin up with that game at the moment, i really do…

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