The darkness spell

Darkness spell is my favorite spell for the animation :star_struck: but i cant find how usefull it can be ennemis are not scare like the description of the spell
My question is did somebody find a usefull way to use darkness spell ( orher than counter lighting spell)

Well, for one it counters the lightning storm and wall of fire. Havent tried it for the zombie spell yet but it seems to counter area effect spells. And creates some spiderwebs.

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I think it might be useful in raids - in PvP.

So like, you and some others scout the layout of the base you wanna raid. Then when they’re on-line (because we all know you should never raid others when they’re off line :d ) you and your mates take their collective positions and fire off that spell. The bombers go in and plant the first round of bombs, then pull back. Fire off the spell a second time and they go in with another round and also start setting them off… Mostly all unseen - “under the cover of darkness”. Fire off the spell a third time as the lightning storm and explosive arrows fly… The enemy will be all like, where the hell are they? Maybe the 4th spell could be the fog of enemies (but that needs about 5x more zombies to be of much use in a raid).

The scared enemies bit is of course roll-play…

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To be honest, I do wish certain enemies (especially humans) would lose their ability to see/notice us at distances when it is night out. It is frustrating to be seen by things you cannot see. Enemies such as wolves and other nocturnal animals and unnatural creatures from dark abysses like demons it makes sense. But more day oriented creatures and people shouldn’t.

This would make the spell a bit interesting if it acted like nighttime in that case. Since that’s about what it does for the area.

Wouldn’t say no to a lightsource based stealth system like they use in Age of Conan too.

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Yes was hoping that scare them or they dont see you so you can isolate them and take them one vs on when they are numerous of them :star_struck:

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