The disappearance of some items from locked chests

I am asking the administration for help.
Today I lost random but at the same time the best items and the best thralls from locked chests. I spent about 4k hours on this game and it happened for the first time. I would like to add that, for example, only the most valuable ones disappeared from the thralls and the rest remained similar to other items. There is no information in the game logs. I spent many hours getting it and I want to ask if I can get it back? official pvp server 1111 nick KaToN I play solo. I am asking the administration for help, I hope they will help me. I’m waiting for some answer.

As you can see from the quote below, their terms of service specifically state that they are not able to give any item refunds regardless of the reason they got lost.

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Sad what you wrote is the disappearance of selected items is like someone with administration capabilities, unless some scammer. Because how to explain the disappearance of only the most valuable things from the chest and the less valuable ones remained? I spent a lot of money on this game and expects that someone will keep order in the game and when such inexplicable things happen, you don’t want to play. If someone does not help me, I will not earn more for Funcom. So much for me.

Btw, when you say game logs, you mean you checked the actual Event Log in the main menu right?
It is very unfortunate that this happened to you though, I heard rumors about potential cheats that let people loot stuff without a trace, though there’s a chance it was some sort of data corruption / glitch.

Either way, it sucks when something like this happens. What items did you lose btw if you don’t mind me asking, I’m just curios cuz I’m wondering how much effort would it be to obtain them again.

Yes, I checked the game log and there is no trace that there was something taken, the more so because I have only one box with thralls and the best Conall hammer etc. disappeared, and the whole vehicle was made of alchemical steel and steel reinforcements, all bricks were strengthened and I had epick, ie lining in large numbers for armor everything was gone. If it is taken by a cheater, maybe someone is able to check it somehow. After all, such situations destroy this game and one day long-time players will leave this game

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