The dojo of crom

I think many people believe that Crom should come with some benefit. But Crom doesn’t give players anything nor does he answer prayers. All he does is give strength and courage at birth. The rest is up to the player

This is where the dojo part comes in. Crom followers are born with much potential, more than they even realize themselves. In order to tap into this hidden power, players must train both mentally and physically. Crom won’t have an altar (as he doesn’t answer prayers) but instead has a mini dojo where players spend Crom points earned for killing enemies, to unlock new moves and combos for current weapons, which do more damage than regular moves/combos, even with your bare hands.

Similar to other posts I’ve read, the avatar could be some super power up that the player goes through, significantly increasing health, damage, and all stat resistance 10 fold. I’d call it enlightenment. This would be due to combining mind, body, and soul- to reach perfect harmony within, allowing temporary access to all the strength given to the player at birth

Not giving anything is precisly the whole point of the crom religion in game.

It’s the “I don’t wish to take part in this game mecanics” option.


According to the game itself, crom supposedly gives players strength and courage. This contradicts the statement that he doesn’t give anything. What i’m Suggesting is a feature to refine and enhance this strength and courage.

Crom isn’t making the player any stronger, if that’s what you’re thinking. Players are making themselves stronger.


finally someone makes it clear. crom can not have temple or bonus or anything.

This game is based on the fictional world of Conan and its creator chose that crom was like that and that’s the way it should be.

As many of other topics on this… we just need little skull pile that does nothing more then lets use finish the two journal entries.


All I want out of Crom, Or Journal pages to highlight next ones, instead of being perma stuck, with no info on next ones.


No point in trying to ask for something like this, because Funcom nor the community like good quality of life ideas…

What matters is player agency and quality of life… That means bug fixes, played requested additions, removals of certain clunky mechanics/items, and addition of very needed mechanics and creatures…

We need mounts, something for Crom.
We need better clothing modifiers for weather conditions, we need a lot of things. But people are too focused on the lore… It’s a game, not a historical document. So the Lore doesn’t matter.

Funcom has already broken the Lore of the Conan universe MULTIPLE times.

"According to the game itself, crom supposedly gives players strength and courage. This contradicts the statement that he doesn’t give anything. What i’m Suggesting is a feature to refine and enhance this strength and courage.

Crom isn’t making the player any stronger, if that’s what you’re thinking. Players are making themselves stronger." - OP

It’s because I made a clear, simple, logical point. And you ignored it in favor of “But god”

…Because the other gods are more kind… Literally, Crom is the most rude and evil god, so of course he’s not going to grant anyone anything, or be kind to anyone… But his ignorant believers would believe so…
Other religions in the game actually have avatars, and their gods grant certain things… Do…Do you truly not understand that? Do you actually not understand how some religions can be more true than others? And how some gods can be better than others?..

You miss the point, the point of the Dojo would be that only Crom believers would recieve benefit from it, because they believe it’s helping them… Ever hear of Fish Egg Pills? Sugar Pills? People use to get told they help, and people would take them. And they would believe it helped them because they were told it did, and it would actually have an effect… However, people who didn’t believe it, and weren’t told it would help, received no effect. It’s a MENTAL thing

So imagine that, but with the Dojo… Only BELIEVERS receive benefit from it.

What if Crom, when picked, actually came with a single-use game code that allows us to get one copy of CE for free?

I think we all add to every discussion we participate something. To what direction, degree and so forth is another question I wager.

I don’t think he actually chose to leave Crom on the level of a stereotypical barbarian savage. If I’m not mistaken, he just didn’t get to finish him.

Crom is basically Honey Badger.

I don’t think you should be able to improve/get anything by worshipping Crom.
I just want a way to show our devotion in game with Crom themed weapons armour and decorative items that would be reskins of current items in game.

The only Crom specific item I’d like to see is Conan’s fathers sword That would require you to build a sword mold or somthing that you then need to take to the frost forge with the required ingredients to build it so it’s an end game weapon that would require effort on the players part to obtain and be not a gift from the gods.


Crom blesses players at birth with strength and courage. Because this strength comes directly from Crom, and b/c Crom is a god, this strength can be considered to be divine power. The idea behind the dojo is tapping into this divine power through training. The avatar is the result of a player finally harnessing the full extent of this power.

Crom is not favoring his followers by teaching them moves, as he is not teaching these moves. The followers of crom themselves are learning/teaching the moves. So that they may get stronger, and not be despised by Crom for being weak.

I’d like to be able to show devotion too. The features related don’t have to be named after Crom, but merely reflect his personality and maybe touch too.

The are several reasons why the dojo would/should be specific to Crom and not neutral.

  1. The dojo is about reaching your inner strength. Before you can do this though, the player must recognize that this strength exists, and that part of it (the divine power) comes from Crom.
  2. Crom is arguably a god of strength and self-perseverance. It makes sense that his followers alone would go to such lengths to strengthen themselves through training and combat.
  3. Crom currently gives nothing to players. Sure, that’s how it’s meant to be (right now anyway) but this contradicts the in-game description of Crom, and the feeling given off by his symbol (the mountain).

Crom is supposed to be the equivalent of choosing “no religion” in other games. He just makes sure people, all people, are given free will when they are born, including the choice to kill, then he could not care less what happens to them after that.