The far too peaceful snowy north

Standing in the right place the snowy north is fairly… Tranquil.

It really embodies the peace and tranquiity that fresh snow on the ground brings.

That certain… quiet. Far too quiet for Conan!

It’s missing a snow storm!

Though the south has its sandstorm, its a great place to have a battle. Any battle is magnified a hundred fold by being in the sandstorm or at least I feel that way and it adds a bit of an edge to the exile experience.

The north doesn’t need a storyline for to have a snowstorm.

It just needs a snowstorm to add to the experience and if you want, make us have special clothing or armor for the biome.

Give us snowstorms please!


I personally like the tranquility of the far north. I keep meaning to build up there but never get the time to do so with all the other stuff I got going on.


There is already a reason for Snowstorms or most any other calamity in the frozen lands.
Proximity to the Disjunction is justification for most any shenanigans that could happen there.

Also, there are meteor showers.
That can impact tranquility, especially if the meteor impacts one’s crafting stations.

That said, other than the bosses alongst the periphery, the area immediately outside the volcano is a little desolate. There are wild animals, and a pocket of two of Frost Giants. But otherwise sparse.

Which seems an appropriate thematic decision.

A driving and horrifying blizzard would be a nice addition. As would Wolf and Bear hide clothes/armours for further cold insulation (perhaps at the cost of lower durability or excessive weight for the latter). Now that Survival as a passive skill is gone, the window for making survival more challenging in certain biomes is more prominently on the table.


I agree with Erjoh, I actually really like the tranquil nature of the place, its where I write my finest poetry.

'Roses are red, violets are blue, the latrine is broken, no poo for you"


Omg, thanks a million m8 :heart::rofl:!
Happy Christmas :metal::christmas_tree::+1:t6:


The occasional avalanche would be awesome

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This is all great I’m going to bed Happy Holidays to you all.

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