The game freezes like crazy on PS4 when I enter multiplayer with friends

The last 2 patches ruined my experience, the game freezes like crazy when I enter multiplayer, it only runs ok when I’m in solo. Funcom, please do something, I don’t like to play the game like this, I want to keep playing, but, it’s almost impossible, yesterday I got killed by 2 level 1 drafari just because, during the whole fight, the game wouldn’t stop freezing. my friend came to save the situation and to retrieve my stuff.

At the beginning, I was reticent to play Conan Exiles, but as time went by,I used to like the game, now my experience is not pleasant, It feels like the latest update on PS4 has more bugs than before.

And this happens on my private server, on my friend’s server, and on an official server, always in multiplayer.


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Eu tanbem estou a passar pelo mesmo problema. Porfavor resolvao isso.

Es como hablar con una pared

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si, ya revise en muchos lugares, muchos posts de mucha gente, y nadie de funcom responde jamas, no he visto una sola respuesta en ningun lugar de ellos, ni siquiera para decir gracias por comentar lo vamos a revisar.

Have you tried tweaking your Network settings?

Also, do you mean lag?

Gracias. Senor. Senorita. Denata. That’s all the spanish I know without a translator. Also I probably mispelled the last three. :kissing:

Be nice if FC did some testing…

Las pruebas las hace con nosotros, que no te enteras​:joy::rofl::rofl:

there is a new update of 50GB, ya hay una nueva actualizacion de 50 GB, lets wait if it will fix the lag problems, esperemos que arregle los problemas de lag.

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