The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

Yes, unfortunately the patch only addressed the co-op issue;

It sounds like our issue is server side, which means we are probably waiting on Gportal to fix…

Do you have links? I will add them to my main post, if I haven’t already. Thanks

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Portugal]

Hello @Community i have Two questions.

1st - 1 Year ago the PVE-C servers were having this problem with Benches / Walls / Torches / Doors pretty much everything not loading and then the stamina being very buggy or your character couldn’t move when you logged in. Have this problems been solved in the 2.3 update?

2nd - Will we be able to play or just be able to Log in? Because if you guys fix the loading issue and we still have the broken stamina / Stuff not loading / Character not moving, it will be another month or more of ppl crying on the forums and we going nowher with this.

Im asking this because i remember the dev stream when they explained what was causing this problems and they they would optimize the servers etc (
I still couldnt test it out on PVE-C since we had the loading screen issue. Althru when there was an American PVE-C server Up with no loading issues i logged in and i still had the stamina issue and stuff not loading for me.

I cannot imagine myself being locked out of the game for more time. I already Waited 1 year, then 2.3 happened and i was pretty sure i would be able to play Conan again. Then loading screens happened. And if my experience from the American server is true, servers are still as broken or worst from 1 year ago.

Gona leave some old posts bellow about the matter.

Old Post of my report.

Server Loading Problems

Second report.

Official PvE-C Servers EU Not Working Properly

I even tested a server you guys created because of this.

Server 3515 not working properly - #164 by ImLegend7z_PT

Me being a frustrated costumer.

Almost 1 Year now, and my problem still not fixed


…and I swear to Crom, if I can’t see hair pie after this update is finished I’m going to bludgeon a kitten to death with a puppy.

Hi friends! We understand seeing the co-op fix go out today raised some hope for folks in a solution for this issue. The investigation continues.


no raise of hope here, I really think you people should have taken this problem seriously and not ignore it already when we reported it 7 months ago and have lived with it ever since.


We understand this has been an ongoing issue for longer than the most recent reports (or this thread). I can only assure you that it’s being looked at as of this writing.


Good morning. Community manager friend @AndyB . I heard good news today that it is a hot fix for co-op. Isn’t it too long to be able to meet your friends again on the pve-c Asia official server (4116)? We look forward to adventuring in the Outcast Land with your friends as soon as possible, we are waiting with you. :slight_smile:
Thank you


Could someone please explain to me what the status of Avatars is on Official PS4 PVE-C servers.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hey @Rollotomozi

Avatars and Decay have been disabled on PS4 until we address the loading issue and an exploit involving avatars.
We’ve merged your thread into this one.


I understand this issue is not an easy fix, and I for sure am not some savvy tech guy engineer.
With that said… Im tired of hearing its being “looked at” or " we are aware of the problem" which was nice to hear the 1st few days but now almost 2 weeks later its the same thing… we need to hear is being fixed! Not looked into…
I’m just beyond frustrated and it’s hard to stay optimistic. As I’m sure most of you all feel the same. The only reason I’m still holding my tongue is because they took the decay timers off other than that all hope is gone…


That was a thread from Feb last year. They write about lagging. Missing doors and benches and login problems that appears for some month. So not really two years old.

But i think this shows how it starts and what happened to fix this.


I can confirm this is more then 1 year old problem.
And apparently works like a virus. The more you play the worst it gets. I started in PVE-C with 3 friends and everything was running smooth no bugs. Then over time characters started to get stuck when loading. Then stuff would take hours to load. And then Stamina was broken, Stuff didn’t load, and our characters were always stuck in the place we logged in unable to move.

We had different levels of this. The one who played the most time (4 - 5H per day) had the most severe bugs. And the one who only played 1hour a day had pretty much no bugs for a while.

Fun fact: This only afects OFFICIAL PVE-C SERVERS. Every non Official PVE-C servers works perfectly fine.


April and May of 2018

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Apparently this has been an issue since 2018… :disappointed:


On 3052 exactly this problems starts in October 2020 for me… Since February I was not able to login anymore.
Only pvec, Only official and only on PlayStation.
Maybe on official pvec servers are more buildings and items in databases than on private ones. On the other hand I think pve would have the same problems.
The pve I am playing for few days has lagging problems too. But not the same effects like on the pvec. Benches and doors are always there :slight_smile: there are just the typical Conan bugs like flying over floors and some more.
After this update I started on the only working pvec… 3528?.. After one hour playing i logged off and the next time I have to wait for the door in my 4 blocks building at the noob River …

I bet on it, there is someone who made this accidentally by placing a wall on something that kills the server… Or a special character on a sign, thrall name or something else… maybe he like to play only official pve c…so every server is infected now.
That is a really strange behavior… I understand that its not easy for the devs to find what exactly happens. After this belongs every pve c maybe they will find something.
after I losed everything on two servers I will give pve a chance now. But in any case, some thrill is missing in pve :slightly_frowning_face:
What makes me little bit angry, is that they know that the update 2.3 don’t have a solution for this problems but don’t communicate it.
Many persons like me was waiting for this update becouse of hopping for a fix not for the new stuff which I also like BTW.
Than the long rollout… Waiting and asking about fix… No responses by funcom gives me a bad feeling there will be no solution but they don’t want to say anything about this.

Maybe it’s karma and now there is more pressure by the whole pvec community… Meanwhile I will play pve :slight_smile:


Guys we are all upset about whats going on. Yes its been an issue for over a year. Its been happening to myself since January.

Unfortunately it seems it was not a high enough priority for FC maybe due to them working on Siptah or getting the console the year update.

Either way as of 4.2 it looks like they have finally taken it more serious since its affecting almost everyone that plays PVEc and are working on it.

The thread has been on track and has been mostly positive. We are even getting personal updates from department heads. So please be patent and don’t turn this into a dev bashing.

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So i guess I’ll just wait here like i do in the loading screen… but this isnt so bad because i didnt pay to be here… i didnt get Conan free on ps plus, i paid to be in the exiled lands, i paid for the game, the DLC’s, and an online subscription…And so did many others. Its just sad😔

And to be clear, no dev bashing from my end. I respect what they do and absolutely LOVE the game they’ve created… just wish I could play it.


:clap::clap:Better said impossible