The Next Age - What can it be?

I do think an Age of the Gods might be likely. Personally i hope for something like an Age of Prosperity, and the addition of craftable trading stations to give people a reason to visit bases, other than to sneak a quick use of their teleporter or map room. That said i struggle to think what people would effectively want to trade with specifically currency-wise, as gold and blood crystal seem quite abundant and dare i say low in value compared to a lot of things.

Perhaps it will be neither of those things, and be the Age of Man, where the gods influence wanes and we lose the ability to summon their avatars just like we lost the temple’s light beams.

Who knows, though. We’ll see soon enough.

Players are trading time. Many know it is a gamble (RNG).

If you’re this passionate about this, why not find a Mod that will give you what you want? If a mod doesn’t exist, find a Modder that will make it for you?

You could even offer to pay for it to get done or create a petition or group to see how much interest and or support there is.

Those are some of the things I would do.

Instead of complaining about it, do something about it.

@DeaconElie I have to admit I completely agree with everything you said.

Age of something religion based.

Religion, Altars, Gods it all needs a revamp. If not next Age, then the following Age.

Everyone benefits from a Religion update too. PvP will be just as happy as PvE players.

It’s about $$$ right Funcom? Well Religion impacts all players. More players = more money.

Plus, the sacrificing aspect of all Religions in Conan is already in the game. Religion update can be tied into the preexisting Sorcery.

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That’s a stretch if ever there was one - they will be calling for nerfs within seconds of it going to beta

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Others cant play because of serial reporters. To each their own.

Perfect, theres what, 750 other servers to pick from?

Good thing you dont speak for anyone else right?

Yes, to some thats true. And to others, once youre at that goal, its nice to keep the memory of the journey alive.

Please send them to the public server I’m on. Or any of the 6 I have checked.

Oh look, you are actually right :astonished:

Wouldn’t videos do a better job of that?

That sounds like a bad thing. Are you actually fine with that? Or is that a problem you think should be solved?

No, there isn’t. If you’re talking about official servers, there might be that many for the whole PC platform, but that doesn’t mean there’s that many “to pick from”. Servers have regions and game modes. Switch to a server in a different region and the lag will make it unplayable. Switch to a server with a different game mode and you’re not playing the same thing anymore.


Maybe for some, maybe not for others. Bottom line, why does it matter to you?

I think in a perfect version of Conan, wed go back to how things were before the ToC were in place and people dealt with issues themselves rather then submitting 10,000 reports a day. But thats me.

Thats what I was referring to, yes.

Sure. My suggestion to those that complain about refreshers and too many bases or too many meta spots taken up is to go to another server. Other people will suggest report everything you dont like until you are satisfied, because that persons enjoyment is more valuable then others. Everyone is fine to have their own opinions on this, and none of it will come true since we have no say in the end matters.

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And after 6 in a row that are practically cookie cutter? Just how many should I check before I just give up and assume it’s part of PVE? “He who dies with the most land claims wins”.

And some would say use the example provided by funcom as your guide. I mean to report, plenty already seem to think those are building suggestions.

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So that means that serial reporters is something you’re not okay with, right? It’s a simple enough question.

Yes, I was asking you specifically. Since we’re discussing your stance on serial this and serial that, it’s your opinion I want to know about.

Yes, I understood that. There’s a big difference between “if it bothers you, pick one of 750 others” and “if it bothers you, pick one of 10 others”.


So completely blocked off, absolutely no where to build on the map at all?

It was a good start, but then Umborls came onto a thread with pictures of a guys base with a long walkway going around it, to which he replied : he didnt see anything wrong. So now, its a guessing game. My solution, just let it go, and let people play.

Yeah, I dont like people who spam report, or serial report. You know I prefer people to deal with issues themselves. Others dont.

Sure theres a difference. But now look at it from the other side. “I dont want to find another server, I want to build exactly in that spot that someone already has and they dont play to the schedule I think is appropriate so Im going to report them so I can have the spot” <— We dont need that.

Anyways, this is gonna get closed as off topic, If we wish to continue serial refreshers, lets start a thread.

My guess for the next age is going to be Age of Gods/ Religion.

Right. And some of us don’t like it when people just serial refresh for months on end. Just like you think spam reporting and serial reporting is something that should be solved, some of us think that excessive serial refreshing is something that should be solved.

The exact nature of the solution merits a topic of its own, but what I’m trying to point out here is that “just go somewhere else if you don’t like it” can be glibly tossed out at any discussion. It contributes nothing.

We certainly don’t, but that’s not “the other side” of what we were discussing, is it? Let’s review:

So at what point did either @DeaconElie or myself propose reporting serial refreshers? You were the one who brought up reporting as a way to deal with serial refreshers, and no one actually agreed with you on that.


Reductio ad absurdum ?

Like a fricken broken record, or one line stuck on repeat.

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I am honestly guessing, never played PvP before.

Serious question though, would PvP players like to see a Religion update?

I feel like Religion has taken a beating over the past few updates. I miss the Beams, Avatars don’t last as long, they don’t do as much damage and they removed the Bubble.

PvPers wouldn’t enjoy a better version of all of that?

Thing is though, one is against the rules, one is not.

You guys didnt. Because your side is complaining about peoples real estate on the servers. You have two options - report if its an infraction or if you just willy dilly feel like it OR move to another server. I guess you could quit the game too, but were under the assumption the person wants to play.

I did because its the argument against people who complain about serial refreshers. The refreshers are either taking up space or they have big sprawling builds, and the people upset report them, or complain. Thats where it comes from.

Then whats the issue if you dont want to build in an already occupied spot, or you dont like the build? Whats the complaint?

You complained “Please send them to the public server I’m on. Or any of the 6 I have checked.” and “how others are playing directly effects my game.”. If its not because of big builds, or refreshers, is it the lag? Is that the issue? All problems are solved by moving or reporting. Its that simple. It has to be repeated because youre not understanding the simplicity of the issue.

So that Gods can be the nukes they used to be.

Neither is against the rules. There’s no rule against “serial reporting”. There is a rule (mostly unenforceable) against false reporting, but “false reporting” and “serial reporting” are not the same.

Those maybe the only two options you can see. The rest of us might be able to think of more, such as offering feedback on the forums and discussing possible solutions.

Yeah, I know. That much is obvious. In fact, that’s precisely what I’m pointing out: the fact that you made up some bogus argument and then pretended like it’s got something to do with what people like @DeaconElie and myself are saying.

As someone succinctly pointed out on another thread, it’s not a debate club, it’s a discussion forum, but even a debate club would get tired of straw man bullshіt arguments you typically resort to.


Its going to be Age of Salt
For sure xD