The Next Age - What can it be?

I’ve had a feeling that the Age of Affliction is coming, adding things like wounds and diseases that you have to treat. Could break your legs from falling too far, get butt worms from eating uncooked food, or skin rot from animal bites.

I’d like to see Age of Exploration that adds an official way to travel between maps, possibly including a new map.

I would love that. In my opinion, Conan Exiles needs more survival again.
Funcom could then use this opportunity to bring various new medicinal plants into play. So far, Alchemy (like most other things in the game) is only scratching the surface of the possibilities.

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Age of greed

Age of Love :two_hearts:

The thirst for power generated by witchcraft and these numerous sacrifices could only create the conditions for the war which ravaged the exile land.
Decimating all forms of life in the process

It’s time to repopulate the exile land


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Got any other bad takes on the situation or are you done now?

We all know that the only thing that will save Conan Exiles is a roll back to pre-sorcery. They already threw in the towel with the battle pass, it took them way too long to do it but they did, and it’s only a matter of time before they do what they need to do - the roll back I keep pushing for. The roll back the game desperately needs.

You know I still read most everything, but WE know no such thing.

I’m pushing hard for land claim flags, which do you think we will get first?
Nope, it would be the flags.

What the game desperately needs is bug fixes. But the longer it takes for them to find a fix for the fall though issues, the more it sound like that fix they have nordheimers all foundations.

Well, yes, then I’d have to rebuild everything. About the only thing that would get me back in the game right now.

And sense I know people are going to take that wrong, go for it, don’t care.

YOU may not know it (more like won’t admit it), but the rest of us do.

Land claim flags are totally unnecessary, you put down a building you claimed that land. Of course, it’s more likely that Funcom will add it because we don’t need it… so you might be right. We need the roll back so they won’t do it. That’s the Funcom way.

It definitely needs bug fixes. Always has but it’s worse now than it used to be. Know what would fix that? Yeah, you do. Roll back to pre-Sorcery when this wasn’t an issue. When all of the newly introduced bugs and problems didn’t exist. When the game was still fun to play, had a good UI, and I could go on but you get the point.

You do get your alts aren’t real people, right?

Yes, because all the issues in the game came with the 3.0 update

Continually distorting this thread and others so you can complain that Funcom needs to rollback the servers to pre Age of Sorcery is getting tiresome. Please create your own thread or stay on topic.


age of maintanance? (sorry i could not resist)

Age of Amazons, or so I’d like to say, but that would probably be more like an Age of War 2: Electric Boogaloo thing. Honestly, an Age of Gods is more likely, since religions haven’t been updated in a while, and it kinda shows.

No one said that, bud. I really enjoy how you just veer off course whenever you respond to me. It’s super. Keep it up.

What is a fact is that lot of new issues have been caused by recent updates and rolling back to pre-sorcery, meaning BEFORE those issues were introduced, would instantly eliminate all of them. Then they can work on the old issues that they haven’t resolved in any of the recent updates instead of focusing on overhauling things that don’t need to be changed.

I don’t have any alts on here Pretty sure I told you this before but if not now you have been told.

I am on topic. This thread is about what the next age could be. It could be the Age of Fun. The Age of the Rollback. The Age of No Monetization. Could be many things.

You don’t like it? Then don’t read it. Problem solved, mate.

Oh, and I have created my own threads but some folks kept derailing them and harassing people so much that they got shut down so I’m stuck responding to other threads so they don’t keep doing it. I will make you a deal - if you figure out how to stop those bad actors from doing that again then I’ll start a thread. Sound good?

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The issue is you seem to think you speak for more then yourself. You don’t. There may be a few people that might agree, but you still don’t speak for them.

YOU always use US and WE, when it is just YOU. Unless you are legion, think your alts are real people, or think the voices in your head count, you are just you.

The only thing stopping you from playing a rolled back version of the game is YOU. So please, go play it.

The issue is you THINK I’m doing that when I’m not. I am speaking for myself and some others. I know many players that feel the same way that I do, just because you don’t does not mean that they do not exist. As usual your mind is creating scenarios that are not real. Case in point your ridiculous insistence that I am posting on these forums using alts. That is a lie. I am not. I have no alts on here. Go ahead and ask a moderator to look into it if you like, they’ll tell you that I’m not lying about it.

Yes, I am aware that I can play the rolled back version but I’ve explained what I’m asking for - and why - many times and you are aware of that already. You choose to ignore it and harass me every time I post instead of simply choosing not to comment. You clearly like stirring up this drama, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be constantly stalking my posts and dropping all those ridiculous .gifs which are meant to elicit a response that you can report so I get my fingers slapped by a moderator. Yes, I know what you’re up to bud. Figured it out a LONG time ago.

I’m with DeaconElie here, I think your rollback idea is a poor choice and a waste of resources. The devs have a hard enough time with one version of the game. Maintaining a second one to potentially split the playerbase just doesn’t make any sense to me. Not that I think it would split the playerbase very much. You’d have a few people check out the pre sorcery server and once they realize bugs exists in all versions of the game they’d go right back to the current game.

I for one wouldn’t even waste my time. Sorcery is the main reason I came back to the game.

May Set be with you :snake:


Same. I quit when they did, I think it was the 2.3 update??? I just gave up, the game was going no where, and bugs were being introed 2X as fast as they were getting fixed. So I played BRs hot and heavy for a while. Got deep in to pubG. I’d played them a bit here and there but not 30-40 hours a week; which is normal if I get deep in to a game.

I’m not active now because age of stagnation, and this on going foundation issue. At this point it’s clear what we see now is what we will be getting. Bug fixes maybe, some changing events, maintenance mode.

My opinion Conan has been sacrificed to the House Atreides.

you derail every thread that you post in with your calls for your rollback. i wont accuse you of using alts, but you are the only person i have seen calling specifically for your rollback. the only time i have seen others chime in to agree with you, is when you had made a thread on the subject and several new forum users, who had no post history, agreed with you. that is why some people speculate that those agreements were alts. maybe it’s just a coincidence, i don’t know or care.
you have made yourself the poster child of the ‘rollback to pre-sorcery’ movement, which only has one vocal adherent, you. these ‘others’ don’t post here. every time you bring it up, multiple people chime in to disagree with you. yet you continue to push your ‘alternative facts’ that everyone wants a rollback, and that the people who dont want a rollback are objectively wrong.
i have seen a very small number of people who call for the rollback you want. i have seen a large number of people call for fixing what is the wrong with the game now and move it forward.
at any rate, removing the monetization store that you hate, and rolling the back the game to the state it was in a year and a half ago, negating a year of work by multiple departments in the company, is just not realistic. it just isn’t going to happen. it’s what you want, and that’s fine. most of us disagree with you.
on the “choosing not to comment” front, you can take your own advice on that. this thread was about what the next age would be. you could have chosen not to comment on the next age, instead you chose to comment by calling for no age. you chose to comment. others chose to comment on your comments. welcome to the internet bud.