The NPC AI is so stupid

My base is close to Sep. so I run through there often, I decided to go farm elsewhere on the map so I took my bearer (that I just dragged half way across the map). Little did I know that my bearer has an irrational disdain for blacksmiths, he attacks both of them on my way through, dies, and now I’ve lost the fully upgraded armor and weapons he had and my bearer. I didn’t think I would need to change his behaviour, and until I realised it was too late. Please fix these damn NPCs. I’ve been attacked by these blacksmiths before for no reason.

post on EXILES forum this is AoC forum champ .

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nono just post here. We need the traffic. its so quit :slight_smile:

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We can post more payment failed threads

Or non subscription time updating.

Ah, failed transactions is a common problem and it’s not just me.

No it’s most certainly not just you