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I not remember Nameless company.But other 2 is clear for me.Good work Funcom.PS-oh,i think i remember now-your base wos in oasis near Sepermeru.

Yes its good to remember that even trolls abuse the system to report other clans and not to hard to abuse when the rules are so fluffy flummy.

Hi @ all!
I am totally disappointed about the destruction of the mentioned bases on server 1040. :rage: What for did I purchase all DLCs, if I have to be afraid to use them for building? :angry:
Why is there no warning? The rules are not clear enough for such drastic measures. In my point of view there was only one violation of the rules: The blocking of a world-boss Cornelius mentioned already.
Some time ago another clan walled in one of my bases completely. I reported it to funcom, but nothing happened. :angry: And this was a clear violation of the rules.
With this behaviour funcom will loose many of the old players, who kept the game alive during hard times. I myself lost most of my motivation because of this.
With best regards


Yes and who will come back to DUNE after that?

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Yes, the have your Funcom ID, but like I said, that doesn’t give them your contact outside the game. They can’t send you e-mails, text messages, calls, WhatsApp messages, Facebook pokes, etc.

As for in-game messages, the base game currently does not let one player send a message to another. Yes, an admin can set a log-in message for the whole server, that’s how they do those announcements. Yes, a clan leader can set the clan message. No, an admin can not set a message for a clan without joining that clan.

Sure, there might be mods that add that feature. I’m not talking about mods, I’m talking about the base game. The feature is not there, so they would have to implement it, and that doesn’t come for free.

And please, can we dispense with the “if modders can do it, then it should be trivial for Funcom” trope? I respect modders and what they do, but they don’t have to meet the same requirements as Funcom:

  • Modders don’t have to even consider consoles when they implement things. Funcom must try to make their stuff work on all platforms.
  • If a mod breaks the game, that only affects the servers that run those mods. If Funcom breaks something, it can affect all servers, official and private, potentially on all platforms.
  • Modders can work at their own pace and prioritize their work the way they want to. A modder does not have to worry about “impacting the bottom line” or convincing the suits that some bit of work needs to be prioritized over another.
  • Modders don’t have to document their work. If a modder is hit by a bus, there’s no expectation that some other modder must take over and keep developing the mod.

So yeah, modders might be able to implement an in-game mailbox. It might not even be very complicated. None of that means that Funcom will prioritize doing that over fixing critical bugs or working on more popular features for the next update.

You and several others keep claiming it’s “not hard to abuse the reporting system”, without offering any proof of that. Those claims have zero credibility when you consider that most of the people complaining here freely admit that they broke the rules.

You can use them for building. You just shouldn’t use them for stuff that makes the game worse for other players, such as blocking the spawn of world bosses, for example.

Okay, assuming that you did it via appropriate channels, that you followed the correct procedure, and that you provided the necessary evidence, your argument boils down to “they didn’t do their job well before, why are they improving now?”

On the one hand, they’ll lose some old players. On the other hand, some new players won’t quit as fast because of the laggy servers or because they can’t find a suitable spot to build or because they just don’t like how other players are free to block in-game content with impunity.

It remains to be seen whether they’ll lose more than they stand to gain.

Maybe those players who can finally enjoy Conan Exiles once all players get used to the idea that official servers are a shared space?


NO!!! not mutch corect in that post!

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Thank you for the detailed rebuttal. I, for one, have completely changed my mind.



It’s bitter medicine, but it was more than obvious something needed to bet done. I didn’t imagine the language clarification to the old rules would amount to any real change, but the increase of threads lamenting “why me?” makes me think FC is stepping up in moderation. Could be confirmation bias though, I suppose. If the community can’t police itself, thank goodness FC finally is.

Also, the calls for warning is just moral grandstanding at this point. @DaVice pointed out they DO warn people and you agree to those terms to play the game. @CodeMage has identified the difficulties and deficiencies of implementing a warning system. I keep seeing posts referring to people as “innocent”, that’s false they are “ignorant” of the rules - that doesn’t free them from the consequences of the rules. Still we have no evidence of FC removing something we can as a majority agree does not violate the rules or even our communal desire for a public server. NONE

The iron clad “nuh-uh” argument. Forum never disappoints.


And i think the warning time shud be as long as the decaytime so you have a chanse to be online b4 the bomb drops. And popup quite offen during that timespan!

Yes, point was that you need to have a chans to be online ones b4 they nuke it.

. . . . .

Excuse me, I need to go un-clan from a few servers I don’t play on anymore. :grimacing:


Yes.If you read rules-Funcom suggest you leave clans where you not play

When it comes to a warning system, I’m not really arguing, I’m explaining facts:

  • The base game simply does not have a feature for what you’re asking. No matter how much you or anyone else tries to represent it as something that’s already in the game, it isn’t.
  • Implementing any new feature takes time and effort, which is always in limited supply. To implement this system, Funcom would have to prioritize it.

These are not arguments. They’re just statements of how things actually work.

What you are requesting is a messaging system. “A purge will start in 10 minutes” is a synchronous event that happens when you are online, a warning that they will wipe your base is an asynchronous event that involves communication between parties that won’t necessarily be online simultaneously. That’s why it requires a messaging system, even if it’s just one way and allows only one message to be stored.

This is how it would work in the real world, without any computers. First, let’s define a few things:

  • There’s a building for playing games and it has many rooms in it where you can play.
  • A server is a person whose job is to always sit in the same room, every day, and facilitate the game.
  • Players are people who occasionally pop into a room they like and play with other people in there and with the server.
  • A server keeps its notes about the game and also keeps attendance of the players currently playing in the room.

Here’s how a purge happens:

  • The server looks at its notes, rolls some dice, and decides that a purge should happen to clan X.
  • The server then looks at its attendance sheet, notes that players A, B, C, and D are currently playing in the room, and notices that players A and D are in clan X.
  • The server then walks up to player A, and tells player A “a purge will start in 10 minutes”.
  • The server does the same thing to player D.

Here’s how the admin wipe warning system would work:

  • A special kind of player, called admin, walks into the room.
  • The admin looks around and chats to the server about its notes.
  • The admin tells the server, “I’m going to wipe buildings X, Y, and Z in 5 days from now.”
  • The server writes this information down in a note.
  • The admin walks out of the room.
  • The next day, a player who owns building X walks into the room.
  • The server checks its notes, walks up to that player, and says “The admins will wipe building X in 4 days from now.”

The key difference between the two scenarios is that the server has to write down a note about what the admin said and then react to the contents of that note later. Someone has to teach all the servers what to write in the note and how to use that note later. Even in real life, stuff like this isn’t free, because you have to train all the servers to do the new thing.

In programming, it isn’t free either. Maybe most of the Lego pieces are already there, but maybe not all of them, and you still have to assemble them in that specific new way.

I know some people have this idea that programming is super easy, that we just spend most of our times looking at StackOverflow and copying and pasting lines of text someone else already came up with. I won’t beat around the bush here or try to spare anyone’s feelings: this idea is stupid. I have, at this point in my life, been programming for almost 36 years in total, 22 of which were as a professional programmer (i.e. earning a living wage). Anyone who thinks programming something real is simple and easy – something that many other people will use – anyone who thinks that needs to sit the hell down and do some more thinking before they talk.

So no, it’s not in the game and it’s not trivial and not having done it does not make them “lazy”. You might disagree with how they make their decisions and think that this new feature should have been prioritized. I might disagree with that opinion, but I respect it, and I also respect you and your right to have the opinion. I’m not attacking that opinion, I’m disputing the idea that Funcom could have done this trivially and that they’re lazy, stupid, or incompetent for not having done it.

If you still don’t want to understand that, I’ll be happy to elaborate until it’s understood.


I don’t think you understand how they nuke bases.

The guy who’s doing it, gets a list of servers with offending base locations and clan/individual names. He goes down the list, one by one. Logs onto a server, goes into admin mode, goes to the offending locations, and uses a hotkey for deleting what’s on the cursor. If they’re thorough, they’ll ghost through the terrain and blow up the stuff that’s not visible.

Then they move on. By this time they don’t know what clan they blew up. They have a few hundred more to do that day. He ain’t got time for the busy bees to login. He’s not going to wait for decay periods to come back.

There’s literally 500+ servers with dozens of reports of offending bases. That’s thousands of bases that need to be checked out, and demolished as needed.

Imagine they are like M. Bison from the Street Fighter movie. The day your base got demo’d was the most important day in Conan Exiles for you. But for the admin who came though, it was just Tuesday.

They don’t have time nor really care for the little nuances, inconveniences, or anything like that. The rules are there, whether you read them or not, and they get enforced.

Another thing you all don’t realize is official servers are not public servers. They’re not. They’re open servers. But they are private servers rented by Funcom. That’s right, you’ve been playing on private servers for 3 years. They get this fancy tag of official because of who foots the bill for them. But they’re no different than any other private unmodded server.

That means you all are subject to the same issues with rules being enforced (or not enforced) as any other server. Many server owners are going to get a chuckle out of this, but the common definition of ‘Admin Abuse’ is when the rules are enforced in a way you don’t agree with.

So Funcom pretty much doubled down on their policies concerning building restrictions. We can see that with the rules changes. So at the end of the day, you can make suggestions, maybe they’ll be heard. Maybe not. But you’ll need to decide if you agree with the rules and their enforcement, or not.

There’s thousands of servers on that browser and many more not being shown, I’m sure one has the rules and method of enforcement you like. I mean if your base just got demo’d, what do you have to lose?


Funcom say 1000+ servers

I doubt very much they delete piece by piece. Identify building and destroy building. Super quick and deletes everything that’s connected.

I’m also sorry, mostly because not even that wall of text managed to get the point across.

Okay, let’s try this without a wall of text. Purge meter is already stored in the game database. Arbitrary message for a clan isn’t. Funcom would need to add support for that into several parts of the code: the database schema, the GUI to allow admins to select a clan and write them a message, the code that reads that message on login and displays it, etc.

So. Which part of “one thing is already programmed and another would need additional programming” are you struggling with?


Well they have the steam acount and then its nothing that prevent them from send a mail ther that you have bean reported and under invetigation.

And then yes they can post warnings ingame, but guess that part will take extra time and resourses.

Your demand for yet more warning is simply a not very cleverly proposed way to undermine the very purpose of the ban. Giving offenders a warning such as you are describing would allow them to simply grab and body vault all their valuables, rendering a ban nearly pointless. The offender needs to feel the price for breaking the rules, the price being the loss of everything and the need to start over. If you remove the sting from the punishment, then it ceases to be a punishment at all, just more of an inconvenience.

I do think once a person had been banned, they should immediately be notified of why they were banned. Perhaps part of the same, ‘you have been banned’ message, can list the reason. People should not have to wonder or inquire as to ‘why’ they were banned. It feels like a waste of resources to have Zendesk explain it every time.


Well the bane shud be for the toxic players out ther not for thos that is in the gray area. To know what wrong after the wipe dont help anyone, its game over anyway and ther still angry and will not come back to DUNE.

Espec on the most fluffy and unlear part of the rules.